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  1. I recently harvested my plants. I took about a half oz of trimming and stems and put them in a bottle of everclear. I let it soak for 2 weeks then filtered out the trimmings. I was left with emerald green everclear. Then I took a water bottle and put 2 shots of the everclear in it then filled the bottle with sweet tea. (Must be SWEET. If you have a canes or a chic fil a around you, use theirs.) shake bottle then drink. There's is absolutely no alcohol taste and it tastes just like sweet tea with a hint of weed. It is amazing. Me and my friends recently went and floated the San Marcos river and each of us had a single bottle of tea with us. Needless to say after drinking the bottle in seriously like 5 minutes because its so delicious, 30 minutes down the river we were the perfect mixture of high/drunk. The feeling lasted for about 3 hours. It would've lasted longer but we started drinkin and smoking after 3 hours.
    I hope some of you try this and enjoy it.
  2. I keep a bottle of that shit in my freezer at all times. Works great for coffee. Just need a tbls. Or making hard candies like suckers. Or watching friends quiver and grince after taking a shot. :lol:

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