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Weed tea tastes like SHIT!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NebDro, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I just made some weed tea and its absolutely horribel...i smoke four bowls out of a pipe and now im drinking stoned will i be?
  2. Yes, weed tea tastes of shit. Just add honey or sugar and it should taste better.

    But i'm not sure on how high you'll be, it all depends on the tolerance and what kind of person you are.

    With me one cup on tea got me fairly stoned, kind of like smoking mids. But i haven't been toking for a while so i haven't really developed a tolerance yet.

    But you should get a good high from this.

  3. ya well i think cannabutter taste awful aswell unless you put it ina recipe

    and how high will you be? depends what this 'weed tea' is.

    thc the main cannabinoid in getting you 'high' is only FAT and alcohol soluable.

    putting stems and boiling in water will not work.

    i doubt ur 'tea' has fat or alcohol

  4. You could add butter, which will work. I think?

  5. ya it will work partially.. but will it get all of the good stuff??

    highly doubt it.

    if you look at recipes for cannabutter, this stuff takes hours long to boil/simmer. i know some recipes that are like 6+hours

    the tea is made much more faster right?
  6. Yes it's made much faster. So it's probably not as strong as other edibles/drinks.

  7. I put milk in it so that there would be fat...i got pretty baked fact, i think i greened out. I had closed eye visuals and i went deaf for a while, and everything was slowed way the fuck down...pretty amazing actually
  8. If it taste like shit maybe u got dat labrador from cheech n chong :)

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