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Weed tastes terrible

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deepthree, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. So I picked up from one of my buddies dealer today because mine was out. It looked like really good stuff. Covered in hairs and trichomes, smelled kind of piney... So I packed a bowl and hit it and it tasted terrible. I don't really know how to describe it but was just not a pleasant taste. It was smooth and got me stoned off my ass but I just couldn't get over the taste. Just wondering if you guys have had any experiences with good quality weed that tasted bad?

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  2. Did you vape it or combust?
    Most weed tastes like ass when you combust it IMO, especially if ur using a bic or other gas based lighter. Thats why I use a hempwick when im not vapin.
  3. I used a bic but it definitely wasn't the lighter.

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  4. im just saying everything contributes to the taste
  5. Maybe like 
    Pesticides or some shit the grower put on it
  6. chemdawg taste nasty...
  7. I definitely agree with you on that, I prefer to use matches when I can. Do you think it's possible for how it was grown to contribute to the taste?

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  8. Prison weed tastes like shit.
    Maybe your dude kept it in his man pocket....just saying.
  9. Yes.
  10. I've found it's usually from being picked too early
  11. If you are willing to wait a few days to smoke it, I have the solution! You need to Water Cure it!
    You need a large wide-mouth jar, a jar lid that will fit inside the big jar, some marbles or clean pebbles, water and your funky pot!
    Put the pot in the jar. Put the jar lid upside down on top of the pot. Put the marbles in the jar lid. GENTLY add the water until the jar is full. Wait over night.
    In the morning, the water will be greenish- pour it off. (You might want to use it to water your plants- the color is ferts and chlorophyll.) Gently add new water, and let it sit over night again.  Repeat the process for a week, or until the water is clear.
    Then spread out your "drowned" pot on a couple layers of paper towels. This will wick out a lot of the remaining water. Then transfer the pot to a plate, or whatever. Put it up high (top of the fridge?) or set a fan blowing on it to speed drying. What you will be left with will be UGLY-LOOKING, zero "bag appeal", flavorless, but amazingly SMOOTH-TOKING pot! :smoking:
    This is good for harsh or "off-flavored" pot. It does NOT fix moldy pot, however!

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