Weed taking over my life?

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  1. I've never posted on GrassCity, but I've been a lurker for a while now. Anyways, I figured I would make my first post something that's been on my mind lately.
    I think that the herb finally got to me. I don't understand how it happened, or even when it happened, but it did happen, and I had this epiphany last night while I was smoking my last bowl of an 8th that was supposed to last me a while.
    It's weird, because I noticed that the act of smoking weed constantly changes everyone in some different way. I have a buddy, N, and over the past year, he took up smoking full time, and he just hasn't been the same. All he wants to do is get high, and he wastes all his money just to get high. He quit his job, he skips classes (We're both still seniors in high school, and yes I'm 18), he's failing, and he even has the state pushing court on him for missing so many classes, and I just don't understand because I do absolutely none of that.
    In fact, I'm the exact opposite. I pass all my classes with A's or B's, I really hate skipping (Even though I still do it, but not to smoke weed, just because some of the classes are complete bullshit), and I don't even really smoke weed as a social thing. I kind of just do it just to do it, but I don't NOT want to do it, if that makes sense.
    I also smoke more by myself than I do with friends, mainly because some of the people I get high with tend to annoy me a bit, but other than that, doing it by yourself just feels better.
    I started smoking in the 7th & 8th grade, I was hardcore against it for a few years, but then picked it right back up Junior year.
    Anyways, I'm pretty sure I have a problem. I don't get as high as I used to, and it feels more like something I do just to do now. I get a very very mild high at times where I used to get fuckin' blown back in the day, and it just feels bad on my part.
    My parents are acceptant of my toking, just as long as I'm doing good in life.
    Anyways, has anyone ever had similar situations? Would a T-break help me feel better about all this? I don't feel like giving it up completely, I just feel like it's time for a break, you know?

  2. If your parents let you get high all day then they don't care.
    Blame your parents for your wannabe addiction.
    Seems fitting.

    Seriously, its as black and white plain and simple as just smoking less. Its not hard...

    I remember being in highschool and living to smoke pot.. what a dummy I was.
  3. Regular t breaks help keep a balanced lifestyle and you enjoy it much more imo
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  4. there will be many times in life where you get in over your head, or where you find yourself more addicted or into something then you expected/know is good for you. you have to step back, look at the situation and decide if you want to change for the better, for what works for your life.
  5. Just stop smoking for a week, cold turkey then ask yourself this same question I bet you will be able to answer your own question this time around.
  6. @[member="moabfighter"] I don't blame my parents, they don't know how often I do it. They think I only do it when I go out, which isn't often.
  7. [quote name="I Railed Hellen Keller" post="19411175" timestamp="1390768896"]Just stop smoking for a week, cold turkey then ask yourself this same question I bet you will be able to answer your own question this time around.[/quote]I think this is good advise aswell. Make sure you have no weed in your house and go a week cold turkey and reevaluate things
  8. my new years resolution is to t break as many days as i smoke. so say i buy an eighth and some it over 4 or 5 days, ill then wait 4 or 5 days till i smoke again (or pick up again, since if theres weed in the house its gonna be smoked). Just stop smoking for a week or so to freshen up your head. and try not to get back into smoking every day, which can be difficult for some people (me included)
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  9. Damn bro yu just spoke my mind! I feel like i smoke too much....yet i cant not have my pops, wake n bakes, and midnight tokes daily ya kno... Maybe i need tbreak too what yall think?

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