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weed superstitions?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by God's Son, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. The first few times i smoked weed, i was sort of the outsider kid in a group of close friends. They had their own little thing and i was just the new kid. They taught me a lot about weed but like any group of stoners, they had their own superstitions and their own rituals. Among these was the belief that smoking weed with a red lighter was bad luck. I myself have experienced bad luck after smoking with a red lighter, so i believe it myself.

    Have you ever heard of this? do you have any superstitions that others think are silly?
  2. Around here I always heard it was bad luck to use a white lighter.
  3. iuno about you but if i got a bowl, joint, blunt or whatever imma light it with whatever i got. the attitude everone has over here is........" Just smoke it yo"

  4. then a green lighter must be good luck. :)
  5. yeah... i've always heard it was bad to use a white lighter and good to use any other color... i really don't care what color it is... as long as fire comes out of it, lol.
  6. ive always heard black lighter.

    anyways one day me and some pals in a way unheat spot with black lighter, and then some cops camer outta no where right in the middle of the blaze and it sucked
  7. what happened with the cops Adam?

    Oh yeah...I wanted to start a new thread but I guess mine would be similar to this one.

    Does anyone have any special rituals they do when smoking?
    Like always passing to the left, puff puff pass, or taking off your shoes when hitting the bong.
  8. i used to fill my bong with spring water only... and we used to tape record ourselves getting wrecked and then listen to it after we were done smoking. fun times :D
  9. Spoken like a true stoner; it's pretty much the same mentality here, just use what ya got.

    I've had trouble with black lighters but I had a red lighter that worked pretty damn well for me and lasted a while.
  10. I've never heard of the lighter thing and I'm somewhat superstitious. I'm going to have to pay attention the next time I use a red lighter. or a white one, or a black one and see what happens. I hope I just get stoned and don't fall out of my chair or something.
  11. lol, I just asked about that white lighter thing in the color lighter thread..the same thing happened at my school, I didnt know of until I went. white lighters werent allowed in the circle!
  12. Shit..... iz bad luck 4 me when i use matchbooks...... also.... red lighters are bad luck for me........ i only know cause of the video ;)
  13. i just used a white lighter today. blunt and bong session. everthing went well, no bad luck yet.
  14. Using a red lighter may be bad luck, last time I saw a guy using a red lighter he lost it. Then we found it... or rather I found it... or rather I stole it... muhahahaha... So using a red lighter may be bad luck because it causes your lighter to get stolen.... but thats true of almost any lighter when I'm around.

    As for Karma... I usually push a kid out of the way of a speeding bus before I got lighter stealing... So i figure it all balances a little on the plus side... Of course my lighting hand did get struck by lightning.... could this be a sign?

  15. did you just see final destination?

  16. No... This actually happens to me.. Sadly
  17. Ah shit, I just bought a 4 pack of lighters. 2 white, a red, and a black. I'm really shitting myself now. LOL

    oh well, maybe thats why they were on sale.

    As far as rituals go, nothing really except when we have a newbie. Then we get this hawaiian lei type thing made out of plastic pot leaves and make them wear it. But only the first time they smoke with us.
  18. I only use green ones. Never had a problem!
  19. I always use a white lighter and have great sessions, I prefer white cause you can see through it easy in the light to see how much gas is left.
  20. Black lighters always singe my eyebrows off.

    Time to get the Sharpie out again!:)

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