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Weed stuff on Amazon?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by br0ken, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hello all, I'm sure I'm not alone in getting amazon gift cards for christmas (why can't I just get cash?! :mad: ) so yeah, does Amazon sell anything that is at all smoking related? I'm not really interested in anything else haha.
    Peace n +Rep to helpful answers! :bongin:
  2. why dont you search it on amazon...........................?
  3. I got my mflb off of Amazon a while ago. You can get grinders and other vapes and all sortsa stuff there, just gotta look.
  4. They got all kinds of stuff, just gotta search. I just got my space case grinder from amazon lol
  5. I'm sure they sell 'water and tobacco pipes'. Don't bother looking for weed yet though, not while it's still federally illegal. Only things that manage to bypass the federal and most state laws.
  6. You can get pretty much any smoke related items on amazon, it's one of the best places to get vapes. Also, because it's from amazon, it comes in inconspicuous amazon packaging.
  7. Yeah man they got vapes. Why not grab a vape with the gift card? I've ordered my grinder via Amazon as well!
  8. i got my 5 dollar 4 piece grinder from amazon. ive been looking for a vape but havent had any luck but i do keep putting 'weed' in the search bar so maybe thats why...
  9. can get some nice vapes, a grinder, pretty much everything mentioned here already. Honestly why dont you use your money for something for smoking and use the gift cards for stuff you might need that you can pay with money but can also get on amazon
  10. Amazon has everything. Books (obviously), CDs, DVDs, kitchen and cooking equipment, hygiene, vitamins . . . almost an endless list.
  11. They have everything on there. I actually just bought papers and a grinder from there an hour ago.
  12. they stopped selling vapes recently im pretty sure.

    they might have a couple shitty pipes but not anything id buy. all you can really get is grinders or papers really.....

    just get some regular shit off their, im sure you can buy something you need/want from there. they have so much shit.... get a hat, or video game or shoes or new headphones or something you want.
  13. most of their grinders are wholesalers from China and the cheap/free shipping takes 5 weeks. they are cheap but it's getting harder to turn n grind it barely getting thru a half lb.
  14. you can buy a nice wooden tobacco pipe but all there other glass pipes are shitty china glass, my buddie bought one of those $30 dollar vapes little sucker works great. but all the other smoking related stuff is just cheap crap.
  15. I bout one of those dugout and cig looking bat from there, I had a Mflb and another vape in my wish list but it disappeared so I guess they took vapes away. But yeah they do have a search button
  16. get a dugout they're cheap or get a scale if you don't have one
  17. I got a 100$ card, I've bought a 5$ pollen press, a 10 pack of bob marley papers and a .01 scale for 10$ and a cool vintage style mmj tin box that was the first result when I typed in marijuana
  18. What vaporizers do they have? Only showing cases, inflation kits, etc..

  19. Yeah they stopped selling vapes and (good) pipes just as I had enough free money to buy that Vapor Genie I was looking at...
  20. They have a bunch of stuff.
    i got my sick grinder off of amazon, it was originally $45 but got it for $8!
    I also bought some juicy jay papers and a scale haha.
    Just search around, they have so much different smoke stuff.:smoke:

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