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Weed straight into chocolate

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by pwnzombie420, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. basically, I am gonna be making weed chocolate in a couple of days and want to try to simply melt some chocolate in a bowl over some heated water in a pan (the usual way) .. however I want to then simply add ground herb into the chocolate (maybe add a little butter and milk to help the thc).
    if i leave it on a heat for a little  wand then solidify it will it work 

  2. This would work, if you heated up some oil (coconut preferably) in a double boiler. While this is happenening you should decarb your herb. After you have decarbed and heated the oil, add the two together in the boiler and sitr occasionally.
    The ratio would be 1g to 1oz. After you have let it heat up and mix together you will need to strain the oil from the herb.
    After this is done, you could then add the oil to the chocolate. After you do this stir it up nice and good, put in a mold, freeze and voila you have your cannachocolate :).
    Check out BadKat's thread to find out more if you enjoy her recipe.
  3. No. you have to decarb the weed first and then make cannabutter or oil and then add that to the chocolate.
  4. thanks very much guys . peace

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