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Weed Store Advertisments On The Radio Today

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by snoopdog6502, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Yeah they will advertise it cause its legal in the state and you live in the ass end of nowhere. Too bad they charge $150 for an 8th of shwag.
    Yea, they seemed cool on the news when the store opened and now hearing prices its just like I predicted. The price is sky high and the smart people are all growing their own.
    They are pricks being bitch for the states cash cow.
    I have my orders in for my glass blowing torch, some tools and have Boro tube coming. I want to make a few bucks in the glass business as an under the table hobby.
    Be like the gold rush and the guy selling shoves did real well. Well this is the green rush!
  3. I used to live in Moses Lake.
    So did I, I made a small fortune in that area, boned the fuck out of the ladies and partied big time, got and gave a shitoad of tattoos. 1992-1995
  5. I lived there in 1977-1978. I boned down 3 bitches there. The weed was swhag though. They had a bowling alley and a drive in with a dirt feild for a floor. That was all the entertainment there was in that town back then. We went to the car races in Euphrata on Friday nights. I remember trippen out on the suds that would form on Soap lake.
    I lived in George, Washington for a while and saw a bunch of kick ass concerts, cant name them all.
    Sure had good times around that area.
  7. I'm jealous of both of you for so many reasons.

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