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Weed storage....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psilacybin, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. I went out and got an airtight canister. Its round, about 4 inches in diamter, and 4 inches tall.

    It feels too big to keep my weed fresh, but what do i konw?

    does canister size affect how fresh it keeps your bud? I want an airtight container- but im worried this one wont work....

    What do i look for in marijuana storage devices?
  2. no, nomatter how big it is, it's still airtight
    its fine
    it will stay freshhh
  3. sweet- it was $5 btw
  4. False. Unless you're vacuum sealing it, it matters.
  5. uh oh, so if i only got 7 grams in a canister like the one i've described....?
  6. Medican Bottle, thing is airtight and durable
  7. so your saying i've got to down these 50 asprin, so i can use the bottle?
  8. Yeah, i mean you cant just waste aspirin, so you just chug that shit......

  9. But im talking about the orange tint ones you get from the pharmacy
  10. For short term storage, an air tight glass container is ideal. As long as it's air tight, anything will work, like the suggestions above (pill bottle, candy containers like M&M's Minis) but I prefer glass. Air is your enemy, if you want it really fresh, get a.. uhm.. air.. sealer? I forgot what they're called, but they are made for sealing bags and jars and removing the air.

    For long term storage (yeah, right) you want to freeze it. Enjoy!

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