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Weed storage

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bluemoon1502, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking for 20+ years now and always keep my buds in a glass jar with a rubber seal and clip lid. I've never had any problems with this but now I've moved in with the Mrs, she wants me to keep my weed in the shed.

    Over the summer this hasn't been a problem but now we've come to the cold English winter, I've found that my buds are going a bit damp and not as krispy as they were after being in the shed for a few days.. They don't grind up as well as they did and they are generally a bit soggy.

    The jar that I have is pretty much air tight but I think the cold and damp air is making my bud go spongy.

    Does anyone have any ideas to help me keep my bud fresh whilst its out in the shed over the winter? I usually buy an oz or 2 at a time and keep it in my glass jar so it will need to be in there for a month or so. At the moment its starting to get damp after a few days.

    I was looking at the cigar humidors but do they add moisture? I need to take moisture out.. any ideas would be a great help!

    Thanks Ryan

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  2. Look up boveda, theyre little packs that keep your bud at a certain humidity during storage
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  3. The boveda packs will keep your buds nice and proper humidity, but the cold will cause your trichomes to fall off.

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  4. I'm guessing humidity built up in those jars in the summer months and if you were not burping them over those months the moisture made buds soggy or as you said jars are "mostly air tight" and could be getting moisture. Boveda is the way to go for long term storage, maybe build yourself an insulated box for winter storage though.

    Look into these for storage (or the larger 1 liter jars) just make sure you get the large mouth ones.

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