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Weed storage

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slim340, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. How long can herb be stored and still keep its potency? It will be in a baggie, in a jar, wrapped in a pillow case, in a dark place. Is this optimable storage of herb for say 20-30 days?
  2. I don't see why not. That should work probably
  3. I lost a bag of weed before and found it again on the top of my bookshelf......after 3-4 months. Smoked it. Got stoned. It was a good day. It was really dried though.
  4. As long as you have it in a good jar or something you should be fine
  5. You can store weed for a long time in a mason jar. To keep it from drying out place a bit of orange peel (or a fan leaf if you grow) in the jar. If storing for a long time, replace the peel (or leaf) as needed.
  6. Sounds good except plastic ive noticed fucks weed up
  7. what if your weed gets damp?is it okay to still smoke it? will it dry out?
  8. You want to avoid having the weed too damp or it will mold. Damp weed will dry and be smoke-able but watch for mold.

    Placing an orange peel or fan leaf in the container will not make your weed too dry. This also works for stale cookies. Place an orange or lemon peel, if you don't have either a piece of soft bread will work, into a sealed contain with the cookies. I a day they will no longer be stale.
  9. Make sure the Baggie isn't blown up and all the air is out, it'll dry it out the weed quicker
  10. Thanks, I will try that. I just cant have it in my house to warm up and dry off.
  11. I heard you can stash it in your Freezer to give it more potency. And orange peels keeps the buds moisture intact

  12. Correct
  13. What about you? How do you keep your nuggets on "10 Piece"?
  14. 20-30 days? are you mad lol, green house seeds cure their bud for 5-7 months for maximum potency and taste and as for the freezer comment... no it doesn't! it causes the trichomes to freeze, become brittle and snap off - you end up with it sitting in the bottom of the bag, it does make the last j or 2 a banger but you're still kinda fucking the bud up, i had 12 ozs in the freezer before i learned this, i had about 10 grams on thc in the bottom of the bag when i got the last lot where it broke off.

    personally i prefer to just keep my bud in a bag in my tray unless it needs to dry a bit when i put it in a little wood box with no bag and the lid on, but i can get impatient (i dont like picking up and waiting even 30 mins to start smoking) and put it near my xbox fan to quick dry it
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    Since I have mason jars, I keep my weed in them and put it in the fridge. Dark place and cool. It's perfect! Orange peel, lemon peel, apple peel, potato peel, whatever, will make your weed moist again. Don't put it in for too long though, it'll make it really damp. Something to keep your eye on.

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