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Weed storage Questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cannabisismedicine, Feb 11, 2014.

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    I have some question about storing weed properly:
    1.Below is a picture of how I store marijuana.I keep it in a fridge with no light but I pre grind all my weed as soon as I get it.I keep it no longer than 30 days before I place my next order.Is this sufficent or should I not be pregriding that much marijuana(I usually get about 2 oz a month
    2.sometimes I leave those jars around my apartment where they are exposed to light.Is this ok or will this destroy the effects of the thc cbn ect..?(only a few days will it be out in light not like weeks at a time)
    3.In reguards to grinding why cant you grind real fine?I vaporize everything with the pax now and I know your suppost to grind it real fine.But why do alot of people say not to grind it to much??
    Most important about this picture is notice these are glass jars which means light gets in.I only recently read about the effects of light and thc but I want to know the timeframe?is a day or two or three in intense direct sunlight going to change anything?
    Thanks for any answers!
    Heres a Picture of my Jars That I use to store it in.


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  2. Your storage set up looks great, as long as those jars are airtight. Ideally it should be kept in a cool, dark, place - a few hours of light exposure will cause some degradation but not too bad I would think.
    As for the grinding question, IME weed dries out much faster when preground, although the airtight jars would probably prevent thatt
  3. Thats why I posted the picture to showgase the Jars they are super airtight but light can enter with no problem.And sometimes I leave them out in the open where light can get to it which is my new concern
  4. Light can degrade THC but it's not a major concern. If you're really worried about it just wrap a whole piece of paper around them instead of just a label.
    Even the oil from your fingers can degrade THC content a little, and grinding weed will rupture the trichome gland heads. Which is good for vaping but can also degrade the THC a bit over time. I presonally like to grind my weed fresh before I use it.
  5. you couldd cover your jars in tape or paint them to block out light, but as other have mentioned even with an airtight jar, my buds seem to get dry when i pregrind them, but thats personal preference. i break my nugs my hand from to time. what kind of grinder do you have? that may be contributing to the grind consistency.

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