Weed stem snapped off roots!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ori.wolcon, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. I come home and the largest of my two plants stem is snapped. I go to put soil over wound and stem disconnected from the roots. I put the stem back into soil will it regrow roots??

  2. I planted the top half without roots into soil.

  3. So you're saying it'll regrow and yield a pound?
  4. did you put cloning compound on the stem?
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  5. cloning compound makes bits put off roots
    its a link /\
  6. Its too late to go to store right now will it be ok or do I have to walk to home depot
  7. got any jade plant around?

  8. let bob center you
  9. if you don't have a dome to put over her, cut a clear two liter bottle in half, they spray some water on the inside of the lower half of that two liter bottle and then put that over it, then place a small cfl lamp about 5 inches about the top of the two liter bottle. Then for the next 3 days, leave it under the bottle, but (2) times a day, take the bottle off and let it breath for like 30 minutes, then lightly spray the plant with ph 6.2 water, then put the bottle back over it. After 3 days give it 2 tbsp of water at the base of the stem once a day, and lightly spray it once a day, but remember to keep the light on her for 24/0 the first 3 days, then go to 18/6 for the next 11 days, and she will reroot by then. You will most likely lose some of the lower leaves because the plant will use the foot and energy that they contain to build a new root system. Also tape some toothpicks together to prop her up!
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  10. I have no root starter or indoor lights this is an outdoor plant. It was bagseed so I guess if it dies its okay just waste 4 weeks though lol
  11. Will there be a burial? Sorry for your loss. :smoke:
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  12. It looked wilting this morning so I tossed it and saved its mutant 4 finger leaf. I got one plant week younger than it and starting more seeds so I guess its okay
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  13. Shit happens man. Roll with it and keep goin.

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