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Weed stays lit on fire after the lighter is pulled away?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BeerBongMan420, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I noticed that this herb that I got sometimes stays lit on fire after the lighter is pulled away. I do not mean it stays cherried I am talking a small flame stays for up to 2 seconds. It does not always happen but it has before.

    The herb is called the real mccoy. Now im not sure if its really that but thats what the dealer said. It reeks real strong and its kind of sticky with lots of crystals.

    I also noticed if I take a small piece of bud and hold it in my fingers and light it on fire it will catch flame with a small flame for a couple seconds. I noticed the weed crackles a tiny bit also but its a little wet and my buddy says the bud has not been cured properly?

    Im not talking a huge flame but it is noticeable and stays there for a couple seconds at most, this also does not happen on ever hit and only happens on some of the green hits.
    Is this normal or does this sound like it is laced with some sort of chemical?

  2. yea the bud i just got does that tooo
  3. #3 chucktown, Sep 28, 2009
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    I'm stupid. Sorry.

    I think it has to do with how the weed was flushed and cured, and how dry it was.

    Edit: Lol, "the real McCoy."
  4. yep. deffinetly laced.
  5. It's normal, it's probably just dried and cured VERY well.
  6. Probably just too dry
    Happens when my weed chills in a bag for too long
  7. Its actually kind of wetish not dried out to much.

  8. What he said

    NOT what he said - Honestly, where is the market in lacing pot? The stuff you're lacing it with is likely more expensive than the pot itself!

  9. Is it good?

    If your bud is particularly sticky than it can def have that effect, and its not neccesarily a bad thing. Does it smell funny?

  10. It reeks through 2 bags and it smells really strong. Its very good. It isnt really sticky but it does stick a little. It smells kind of strange but more flowery but I think its just b/c the bud I get is normally only decent and never reeks. THis stuff is very strong. It def smells like herb though.
  11. what i do when there is still flame after lighting, just cover the bowl with bottom of your lighter and it should go off.. worked every time for me
  12. maybe u need to clean ur bong. if the slide is clean, when you pull u'll notice because of the pressure change the flames and smoke go down. with a dirty slide the pull isn't clean and the pressure change isnt enough to pull the flame down and produce a cherry. or maybe its too fresh, or too dry.
  13. its normal the ganja i have right now is doing it.
  14. Um, your lighting something on fire... that kinda happens. :confused:
  15. soak your buds in gasoline and then it will stop doing that.
    lol jk plz dont do that because it would be a huge waste of bud.
    dont mind me i'm really stoned right now haha
  16. im sure ur stright...that never happend to me tho
  17. That's normal. Almost every stoner has encountered bud that catches on fire or crackles. Don't sweat it dude you burning a plant, if it's too dry or wet it can do stuff like that.

  18. Yeah, what I figured:smoking: - Congratulations my friend you've got some beasters :) Toss up some pictures on the stash and enjoy your dank
  19. Uh...SO why dont you cure it? Dont add anything to the jar but the bud. Make sure the jar is all clean and COMPLETLY dry or it will mold. Open it up for 20 minutes everyday for a week or two
  20. High thc content the crytals melt and form a glob and it catches on fire. and that is probablly the cause

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