Weed star VS Blaze glass

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  1. Okay my friend i looking for a tube with a perc but doesnt have enough to get a nice local piece so he was looking on this site and said he wanted a weed star or a blaze glass bong. I do not know alot about either company or percs in general so help would be great

    Percolator Bong Ice 'Black Leaf ELITE' 6 arm tree perc, beaker base - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com


    Weed Star - Fat Joe 6-arm Tree Perc Bong - Ice Notches - 18.8mm - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    He wants to spend around 100

    Thanks for the help
  2. look up weedstar double showerhead bubbler it's around 100 and it has a bong style mouthpiece
  3. RX Industries. 12" tube with diffused downstem for $70 shipped. Just another option. :smoke:
  4. first you need to know that blaze and weed star are not the best quality pieces.

    It feels odd constantly saying this, as if to say, people cant figure out that a cheap bong is made cheaply. But I always make sure people know.

    as long as your cool with that, then what you need to think about really is the that one is a very large bong(weedstar) and the other is a regular size(blaze)

    They both come with open ended tree's so thats good cause it decreases the drag.

    So do you want a big bong for huge hits?

    Or do you want a regular sized bong?

    If you want I can throw some other pieces your way from this site for the same price range.

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