Weed Star Stemline

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  1. Has anyone seen this.I don't know what to think about it.Someone needs to buy it and do a review.
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    That looks nice, how much is it tho? It looks thin

    Edit doesn't the stem grid look way to high?
  3. looks nice i know a lil on glass and that stemline looks like it would snap so easy. looks like everyone is going after SG'S concept:D
  4. Its called the weed star smellchecker and it is like 90 on gc
  5. looks janky as hell and doesnt look like the diffy will do shit
  6. pretty sure the diffuser hanging in that POS is useless...I'm not even going to get into the reasons why...
    if you follow my comments you'll know what I'm going to say.:rolleyes:

    I GAVE away all my weed* (that didn't arrive broken) which should speak volumes for their quality/function....
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  8. its this
    w/a smaller inline
  9. looks nice
  10. lolol
  11. seriously. i thought stemlines were grids of little holes that almost look like slits. but those are actually slits. doesnt this make it not a stemline..... maybe a short inline?
  12. your looking at a weedstar pile
    look at SG's work, thats a real gridded stemline
  13. I've been trying to get my hands on a Stemline for 3 months, but i wouldn't take that one if you paid me...
  14. that is a ridiculous statement. you and everyone on here knows for a fact that if it was offered to you for free, or you were getting paid to take it. you would not hesitate. a free tube is a free tube. get over yourself
  15. a free tube for the day yeah^^^ then id pass it on to some middle school kid lol
  16. downward facing slits on that stemline as well. Fail. That thing is just a bad knock off

  17. I'm with this guy in sentiment.... but if somebody gave me a W* I'd do durability tests for the camera.

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