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  1. I don't understand why people hate on Weed Star. I never really bought anything from them because of the way people talk about them. I decided to go for it and recently purchased the smellchecker :bongin: (see picture below) and it is really a quality piece. 5mm glass, inline, 65 mm diameter (thats really big), diffused downstem (dont even need it), ice pinches, no drag, nice joints, really sturdy, almost 2 feet tall, and its only $100! I recommend this bong to anyone looking for a cost effective bong. I'll definantly be purchasing from Weed Star again! Anyone else have this bong or any Weed Star glass in general? :D

  2. Personally, I don't go with Weed Star because I don't like the owner, I don't like the product, and I don't like the way they promote their product and conduct their business. Part of it comes from things like sticking a downstem in an inline bong; I want the manufacturer to actually know what they're doing. Part of it also comes from things like aesthetics; I don't like the way they design their products.

    Also, their owner is ridiculous. Did I already mention this?

    I can't speak for the rest of GC though.
  3. Whats so bad about the owner?

  4. I don't really see what the own has to do with the product, I have seen videos of him and he is pretty ridiculous though. And yea the downstem was completely pointless, but i'm not complaining I use it in another piece I have.
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    If you read the post, I clearly state that "I don't like the way they design their products," the aesthetics are all over the place to me. I'm just not into what they have to offer, it has no appeal to me visually. I could care less about how well it works, if every time I look at it I think, "What was I doing?" then I'm going to pass and say I don't like it.

    Because I don't. :p

    And by the way, yes, the owners of the company do have a big impact. Example: Not everyone would wear Tom's Shoes if the owners didn't make the (awesome) decision to give away a pair to a kid in need when you bought yours.

    I'm not even a fan of Tom's, they look like fairy/peter pan shoes, and I love the company.
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    I dunno if your aware of this or not, but you can actually take the downstem out.

    Seems odd to hate on someone for giving you a free downstem dont you think?

    But then again, this is the exact reason why people dont like weedstar.

    Just their personal preface.

    People who take themselves very seriously just dont like weed star, its not good enough for them.

    People who dont take themselves very seriously like weed star, cause they dont consider themselves to good for a bong.

    Or they go "hur dur china glass"

    "Hur dur sweat shop"

    "hur dur they steal designs"

    Those are also very common.

    Unfortunately, I never did get my smellchecker. Customs stole it from me twice.

    Then ziggi offered to give me a free one which he never did. Nor did I expect to ever get it from him either lol.

    Imagine if all of us didn't buy products because we disliked the owner?

    That would technically be a good thing, because the rich fucks that own america destroyed this country.

    Ziggi on the other hand......well he just helps you get high.

    Silly how people can boycott something so meaningless, but have no problem buying the goods form the people ruining their own country.
  7. I have a WS Slim Jim. It was my first GonG tube and I don't regret buying it one bit. It has a misplaced carb hole but it doesn't matter cuz I use a stopper anyway. No one really gives a shit about WS anymore. All this hate your referring to is yesteryears news.

  8. this is true.

    A few years ago, at any point in time you could find a thread about hating on ws.

    People don't even go to the WS thread to talk shit anymore.

    But what you do find is people on this website constantly boycotting there products. That happens every day.

    And yes, when someone asks for advice on a WS product, and they are adviced to buy something else

    That is counts as boycotting.

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