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  1. Anyone have any experience with this one?ordering ittomorrow night for my gf for our anniverary just want a few opinions on it.dont wanna buy her a POS.not at all saying weed star makes bad products just curious as to y its only 29 bucks.i mean hell even if i could find something like that in my local headshop it would be like 80-100$
  2. prob will work nice, but it is weedstar so your glass isnt going to be the best
  3. but she should be fine as long as she doesnt drop it right?
  4. leme give you my experience, I ordered it. It came broken the first time around (at the male joint) and it took a while for them to replace it but it came fast and arrived perfect the second time. Smoking experiences... Well its nice, I hook it to a Weedstar* little bitch bong and its a little heavy when you put water in it and it moves around alot so you need to be careful (again because of its weight) but aside from that it hits pretty smooth buttt I would suggest something else if its a gift, it gets the job done but not that well and its not gift material lol.
  5. Gift material is in the eye of the beholder.

    Something tells me these you arent the type of guy thats going around spending 100 or 200 dollars for pre-coolers.

    And i doubt your girlfriend is gonna see it and go "pft.........should have gotten an syn" ::breaks up with you::

    The general rule is, If your strapped for cash and want something that works, get weed star.

    if you arent, go a little higher end. which is probably at least 4 times as much.

    And remember, no glass breaks unless you drop it. You'd be hard press to find any brand that doesnt break from gravity. Whether its the first time you drop it or the third.
  6. They do 2 versions one is slightly more expensive any1 know difference apart from added colour on it?
  7. I believe the difference lies in that, one inline has slits, where one inline has holes.

    Or it could be that its just colored and thats why its more expensive. if you give the links we can make sure.
  8. I have one. It has a lot of splashback but as long as you hold it at the right angle and don't pull to hard it works pretty well. Obviously getting a more expensive and nicer inline would fix these problems but if you're just trying to get something cheap like I was it works.
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    OP: You can guess why it's so cheap... same reason why most cheap things are cheap. I won't say since it will only lead to an off-topic discussion that I've had too many times to count.

    This is your girlfriend we're talking about. Do you want her to find out down the road that you chose the cheapest possible option for her gift?

    That's nowhere near to the truth. You could invest in a better inline for 50-80 from one of the many young/newer/apprentice American blowers who sell on ETSY, in shops and at street fairs. 100-150 for the practiced ETSY guys or for something with work. 150+ for the high end stuff. Any one of the price points would guarantee a higher level of quality than the Weedstar. My recommendation for GREAT quality at the lowest possible price is the SSFG clear inline sold on ETSY for $90+shipping. The problem is that those are popular now and made to order over a few weeks time.

    For $28 you could hardly purchase quality materials to build an inline a/c... who am I kidding... "hardly"... I'll just say it... you couldn't purchase them and get them shipped for $28.
  10. well ive been outta work for a while and i just started my new job. its damn good. 110-150 a night in tips but sadly i just finished training so i was makin 7 bucks an hour during training and had to give my tips to my trainer. so pretty much strapped for cash.its really all i can afford.its either thaqt or a slide from the local headshop which is crap also.
  11. [quote name='kliff2004']Gift material is in the eye of the beholder.

    Something tells me these you arent the type of guy thats going around spending 100 or 200 dollars for pre-coolers.

    And i doubt your girlfriend is gonna see it and go "pft.........should have gotten an syn" ::breaks up with you::

    na i would spend the money cuz shes got a decent bong (phx tetra)the 33" triple perk,dif downstem and atleast 18 inch ice pinch. shes got an alright slide for it so i dont reallly wanna do the slide seeing as she has one.i want to get something else to add to it. and no she wouldnt be like that cheap POS and dump me.she just appreciate the fact that i got her something for her bong
  12. Hey.. if shes knows you're grinding to make ends meet she won't mind a cheaper piece... unless shes not worth your time. Go for the W* if it meets your needs in your budget. That's what it's there for.
  13. It works... that's about it. My review is on the product page in slightly broken grammar... reminds me of why proofreading is a good idea.
  14. ok which one of you mother fuckers bought that shit this morning?it was in stock this morning and is now out of stock.FML.if anyone know another site that sells it for the same price PLEASE PM me the link it would be GREATLY appreciated
  15. ok so GC is out of stock but there is a site called grasscity dot com and they have it.anyone use them?
  16. edit is legit, there is nothing to worry about
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    So what your saying is, if he wants a quality one he can get one for 90 dollars, which is 3 x 30 = 90 or 100 with is 3.3X or 150 with is 5x the price

    50 is 1.5x sure, and 80 is 2.8x

    At what point was I "no where near the truth" you actually did the math for me, and proved my point. Granted 50 is 1.5x. 80 is 2.8x which mathmatically is closer to 4x than 1.5x

    But I think you were trying to disagree with me.

  18. If she can appreciate it, then dont hurt yourself by spending out of your price range. Thats why weed star exists.
  19. depends how much youre trying to spend on a gift/how much she actually smokes. if she doesnt really smoke that much or care about the quality of the glass and more about just getting high, than get it...but if she likes quality i wouldnt go near this inline haha

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