Weed Star Fat Joe bong...should I purchase it?

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  1. Thinking about buying this bong, i've seen vids and it looks very durable, decent hits, etc. and i figured i could upgrade in the future with an ash catcher or something. I'm looking for a good, cheap piece around the price of this bong. Does anyone have experience with this company or this specific model?
  2. it looks cool

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtLo0FkXD74]YouTube - Weed-star, Ziggi Jackson - Fat Joe , extreme crashtest[/ame]

    ^ go to 5:27 they drop it from a table
  3. haha yeah man i saw that video, it's crazy
  4. My brother has the bazooka and i have to say, i use it alot more then i thought i would. Its great for HUGE hits. I think the joe one is smaller but overall i think it would be a great purchase.
  5. dude from the video it looks like a SOLID bong.

    when you get one post up some pics and sum milk maybe lol
  6. for sure man as soon as i get it you'll be seeing some milk
  7. I tried it recently and found that intake seemed like I had just slammed my foot down on the accelerator of a Mustang 5.0 ...Definitely nothing for an amateur. :hello:
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OSLmNWIQTA]YouTube - Weed Star Fat joe[/ame]
  9. fuck, now I'm jealous.. again.
  10. So after weeks of deliberation, I finally settled on a RooR Blue Range 250 that I got from my local head shop. It fucking rips; couldn't be happier. Milk shots soon.
  11. and ziggy jackson thanks you

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    Holy shit man thats hilarious.

    How do you go from wanting a weedstar, to getting a RooR? Thats a pretty big jump in quality and price. I would have said, of course buy the Fat joe. If you need and a bong, and have 68 bucks, then its a no brainer. But I guess you had more money than you originally stated.

    You really shouldnt buy weedstar if you have money for something else, so you made a good decision.
  13. haha well originally i only had 70, but then i got my paycheck from my new job and figured "why not"

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