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    Hey guys, This is going to be a quick review, Ill be taking HD videos of it in action on monday when my friend has off from work.

    But the first thing I have to say is, yes I am in love with it. Imperfections and all, this is a wonderful piece.

    So heres what I think is what matters about the product.

    Drag? ::shrugs:: I've never hit an open ended perc so I cant compare.

    So instead of talking about drag, I can tell you that it clears instantly, with no effort. You can use that description to asses how much drag is required to instantly clear something.

    Solid? Damn right it is. I dont intended on smashing any skulls with this and expecting it to stay in one piece. Nor do I feel this will win a battle from a 5 foot drop to a concrete floor. But what I will say is that, it will stand up to minimal stoner mistakes.

    Craftsmanship on the design flaws are visible. The BIGGEST draw back is the fact that the male insert is angled BEHIND the perc chamber, which does detract from my enjoyment, as it makes it hard to hold my Sherlock attachment at the joint. This is probably going to happen on alot of the pre-coolers, lest ziggi pays attention to this.

    The other two flaws are non-differential to me as they do not detract from anything Im aware of. the attachment of the neck to the perc chamber is off angled. Irrelevant since I dont have OCD, but if it makes it more structurally unstable I cant say.

    And last the inline APPEARS to be curved. Whether or not this is relevant I cant say, but it does not detract from my enjoying it.

    A description of my pictures.

    1. thats my baby, I love her ^_^
    2. side view for the hell of it
    3.an angle showing how the male insert is pointing backwards.
    4.my best attempt at showing the "curved" inline. Im still not sure if it actually is, nor can I tell if my picture accurately shows this.
    5. close up of male reinforcement.
    6. a top view showing the neck reinforcement is not perfectly straight, and once again the curved male insert.

    Over all? Exactly what I expected. I am absolutely thrilled with my piece and I really couldnt be happier outside of just having the male insert be placed slightly easer for better gripping. I would absolutely recommend this product for anyone that doesnt feel like spending 310 for the SYN version. and I sure as shit could not justify the extra 210 dollars, so Im fucking happy.

    Ziggi, thank you.

    Next week I shall have some HD videos for ya'll

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  2. man i love the looks of the thing but i just dont need the extra perc. id rather it just have a fatter smoke chamber. lol
  3. Nice review bro, looking forward those vids!
  4. Dont you mean "Wanna-be SYN Monster Inline Review"?

    In all honesty i was thinking about lol. If possible, I will change the name of my thread, I was looking for the option, but Im not sure if its possible here. If it is lemme know and I will XD

  6. On your first post hit 'edit', and once that loads click 'go advanced' and you can change the name of the thread.

    I wouldn't change it though. Everyone copies everyone these days, who gives a fuck. You saved $200+ over the SYN one, so I'd say it's totally worth it.

    $300 for an a/c? Fuck that. My next bong is going to cost me that much, and it's an SG Stemline. For $300 I'd say the Stemline is 10x better than that SYN a/c.
  7. I dont see why W* cant just make the 6 arm open bottomed. i mean how much would it actually add to the manufacturing cost? i doubt that it would make a 200 dollar difference, because thats the ONLY difference i can see between the SYN and the W* If Ziggi fixes that then i might buy one, hell id prolly pay 20 bucks extra for it...
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    hes changing the percs to be open for the 2.0 version

    its a matter of preference really, like I said, it clears instantly.

    Dont worry spikey I was just kidding. But the idea had popped into my head before the haters arrived.

    I mean, haters gonna hate. They arent that smart that they can think of actually witty insults. Which was what I found most annoying about that dudes post.

    I'd rather him hate on the product and be witty or at least show some thought input. but that was either to much work for him, or hes just not smart enough to be that funny.

    I'm guessing if he wanted to he could be much funnier.
  9. Nice review, tho I agree based on those pics: Inline is definitely bent.

    Does anyone know if the visible bend in it would effect the diffusion?

    Also, Kliff? How often do you have to change the water? 3 or 4 hits would blacken the perc water wouldn't it?
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    Oh dude, changing the water is a bitch, and I do change it every 3 or 4. it didnt start to turn after my 4th hit, but I am very anal about keeping my pieces clean. holy shit you just helped me find out another slightly annoying aspect to fix. Imma edit my original post. fuck it. im to high right now. ill do it later.

  11. It's not the closed arms that makes weed star shitty.

    SG, Toro, RooR and SYN all make closed bottom arms and they are obviously great functional pieces.
  12. i wasnt trying to be witty. i understand that weedstar is trying to make products for people that cant afford high end glass. But theres a difference between that and blatently copying a design and making it shittier
  13. Hey thanks for the review you helped me make a big decision about wether or not to buy the syn version. I decided to go with the weed star because it cost a third of the price and I am poor. How long did it take for you to get yours? had any problems yet? why is weed star so cheap people keep saying that they don't properly anneal the glass does that mean it breaks when you set it down?
  14. Nice! Hope u enjoy it man
  15. looks real cool man cant wait to see this thing n HD ACTION:hello:
  16. I got it in a week and a half.

    You can see from the structural flaws I pointed out why its probably so cheap.

    I mean, those are dumb mistakes. But for 1/3rd the price, yes, it can have dumb mistakes like that.

    I dont know what annealing is, but It doesnt mean it breaks when you set it down, it just means it will break with less force if you fuck up.

    When you go cheap, you should just be extra careful with it.

    No problems as of yet. Its still works perfectly every time. I love this baby.

    and unfortunately my damned friend has bed bugs, and all his shit is locked away in plastic bags untill they die.

    Which means his HD camera with my vids in it! So pissed.

    But right now IM in rehab, and I wont be smoking for a while, Imma video tape another friend of mine using it though.
  17. Why do people buy weed star and shit and insist on titling their threads all epic and shit. Oh tight weedstar, its not even unique or anything...

  18. Cause the guy that owns the company, named it "epic pre-cooler"

    SYN named their original version "monster"

    are you gonna hate on them for using a over zealous adjective?

    Although, I have to admit, your the first person I have seen who bitched about a name.
  19. i cant wait to see vids =)
    great pickup!
  20. Nice review Bro kind of seals the deal on my end. I WANT ONE :smoking:

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