weed star diffuser doesn't fit my bong

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  1. so um. i got a 18.8>14.5 diffuser for my 18.8 bong. any ideas how i could fix this? i'm thinking either heat the joint on the bong with a propane torch and just widen the hole. or just grind down the diffuser? i really need some help. thanks.

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  2. you could return it.. nd get the right size?

    maybe find a glass blower close to you and ask him to fix it.

  3. so wait..you're sure your tube is 18.8? It looks like thats a 14.5 tube and the downstem is 18.8. If you're sure then...is it just that the opening of the tube itself is actually narrower than the joint? (I.e. right behind the joint, where the glass first becomes clear?)

    If so it sounds like the tube is just poorly made..
  4. off topic but why is there a carb hole if there is a pull stem? bout the downstem i agree with mada. are u sure its not a 14.5 tube?????
  5. the tube is 18.8 (my 18.8 bowls fit right into the joint) so i can't really get the right size. yeah, i think you're right. the opening is narrower than the joint. anyway i could fix that myself? does anyone have experience here using a propane torch to heat glass?
  6. never tried it but i hear the map gas things in walmart work on glass

  7. In order to do it without risking damaging the tube I wouldn't do it if you don't have experience working with glass.
    Its very odd that the tube was made that way. If it is worth loosing the tube for you to try heating it, then you can try it, should be able to just heat and spin and allow gravity to widen the hole a bit.
    If you can't fix it I'd say you are stuck with having to find a slightly thinner downstem or a different tube.
  8. oh dude dont mess wid the tube. if ur gonna torch something torch the cheaper thing!

  9. please don't do this
  10. looks like a 14.5 tube to me :confused: return the diffuser and buy a 14.5 and see how it goes.

    and dont be fucking around trying to heat it and mould it to size....thats ASKING for a fuck up right there and youll be buying a new tube AND a new diffuser.

    return it, get a new size. if the 14.5 doesnt fit, your tube is just like a woman....awkward!
  11. im not sure if a propane torch gets hot enough, and ive blown glass, if u dont heat it up proper/cool down the glass can explode rendering your piece useless. u should stay as far away from modding glass piece unles su ahve te proper tools/ exp. i blew glass for a yr and to this day i would prolly still make a piece that didnt come out of a kiln explode

    and as mada said prolly wrong size, male and female joints are made seprate and are added to the piece(the glass blower doesnt typicaly make his own jsut buy em from a wholesaler). they usualy are perfect unless the blower some how melted the glass and if that were so the sand blasted male/female part would show it had been melted .

    so once again prolly wrong size and dont try to modify glass piece
  12. What kind of downstem is that? Did you get it off the GC shop?
  13. Just sand it down.

    The holes are bulging out which is what is causing it to not fit.

    I've had this problem in the past with a 5 arm downstem

    The arms bulged slightly.

    It took 5 minutes of gentle rubbing with sand paper to make it fit.

    Let me know how it works out buddy
  14. The name Weedstar was in the title, you could have came in here saw no pictures and made the same assumption and I would still back you up. I have the WS Messias single tree beaker bottom, and the bottom of the beaker is so thin that it will literally flex if you put enough pressure on it. Scares the hell out of me, I don't use it any more because it's oversized and ill made. The mouth piece on mine is such a large diameter I've had a lady friend from high school that couldn't form a seal because her face wasn't big enough.
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    So you came here to bitch and moan about WS.

    Instead of helping him with his problem?

    What exactly are you backing him up on anyway, hes not even complaining.

    As a matter of fact, your not backing him up at all.

    Cause you've offered him nothing.
  16. Alright, take a step back and see whose post I quoted I even bolded the part of the post that I was commenting on. I was merely sharing my experience with Weedstar with a public forum from which people will develop an opinion or a knowledge base in hopes that people will read my post and it will stop more of the "(Insert random problems) with my Weedstar purchase" threads. Dig?

    I guess I should have made a comment to the OP. I'm sorry you fell victim to the poor manufacturing of WeedStar products hopefully you can get it replaced or get it fixed.
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    who said it was a WS tube, Certainly not the OP.

    Its a shame you have nothing to offer to the OP except complaints he didnt ask for.

    On a subject hes not talking about.

    WS can be hit or miss sometimes. And its your responsibility to know what your buying. Any person whom has a disdain for WS only has themselves to blame.

    I happen to own that very downstem. and it fit perfectly in my bong.

    I also own the bong you own, and it was perfectly fine. The beaker was thin of course.

    But why would you expect anything more am I right? If you buy a cheap product, you get a cheap product.

    I was never one to hold that against the brand. Not like you spent 300 bucks on it.
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    It's a shame that you have to insult and goad a response from someone who is attempting to be civil.

    I assumed it was a WS tube because I'm not too familiar with very many companies that have carb holes on their tubes. If it's not I'll have no problem removing the post.
    Above all, I'm not degrading anyone for buying Weedstar glass(because clearly I own some myself). I'm just trying to let people know that when you buy a Weedstar product, there is at leas one involved, you are risking getting an imperfect or unsatisfactory product.

    As far as knowing what I had ordered, it was ordered from overseas. There was no way for me to tell that the mouthpiece would be too large from some people to hit and large enough to where you are almost guaranteed to drool in the bong because the way you have to hit it. I also received a flawed slide with piece that had a crack in the joint which caused the slide to last a little less than a month.
  19. Okay so, first off. It is not a weed star tube.

    I got some sand paper today and attempted to hopefully sand down the downstem so that it would be thinner. It didn't really work at all, all the sand paper did was scratch the glass. Maybe I just need to continue and it will take a long time?

    Anyways, I took measurements of the thickness of the actual stem part of the weed star diffuser and of the one piece downstem/bowl that came with it. And the weed star was 20.2mm and the onepiece was 18.1mm. So now I'm just trying to get the measurements to other diffusers that are online and I guess I'll just keep sanding down the weed star one.

  20. have you posted the thing about the girl not being able to get a seal before? i swear ive heard this SAME exact story...i had to double check the dates haha

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