Weed star connector, any better options?

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  1. I have been looking for a connector for a while so I could use my ash catchers as bubblers. although I am not a fan of weed star, for 17 dollars plus shipping this thing would not be a bad deal. Anybody have any experience with this/ any advice for alternative purchases?

  2. I own one and its fine.

    I dont know what else you would expect though. Its just a connector.

    ugh boston. So many bad memories attached to that place =(
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    its solid glass and the bore is big enough for me.
    yes i own it and i picked it up off of GC.
    unless you're looking to spend $$ on a heady connector, i have this one and one on alt sold by GreenGoddessGlass. i picked the GGG up locally
  4. Look at SSFG on etsy, they make some sick wig wag sherlock arms and lots of cool shit. checkem out

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