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Weed soaked in vodka

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokingaway247, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. A month or 2 ago i wanted to make green dragon with vodka. So, i did the whole process but got too impatient and drank it like 3 days after and it didn't work at all. Anyways i kept the bud i had used in the water bottle and I had forgotten about it until today. So, is there a way i can dry this weed out and smoke it by tonight or would it even matter that its still like soaked with vodka? Could i just swallow the bud since its kinds soaked in vodka and would it do anything to me?
  2. no smoke it.....well let it air dry out first then smoke it.
  3. was it flavored vodka or straight vodka. If you let it dry out for a few days. you may be able to smoke it. shouldnt do any harm to you. Or you could try a qwuiso try.. and make some hash.
  4. Was the bud wet the whole time? It could of gotten really moldy. That would be bad
  5. Well, I'd almost say you extracted more than most of the THC the first time soaking it for 3 days, so I'd just flush the bud.
  6. i say no reason not to try and at least smoke it.
  7. #7 Johnisriot, Sep 27, 2009
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    I just don't know why you'd really want to? I'd be almost willing to bet there maybe some hidden mold?
  8. The reason I want to do this is because its the only bud i can find and i haven't had any in 2 months due to my dealer getting busted.
  9. Well, check my post above as to why I'd advise not to :S But hell, it's you, do as you wish.
  10. oh meh i didnt see the whole water bottle part.
  11. Yea lol, and mold can be both seen and hidden. I wouldn't take the chances. I'd rather be out than having some kind of lung defect from that shit lol.
  12. I here you guys, I'll probably just throw it out and continue to try and find a new dealer
  13. Why would you put that shit in a water bottle? Toss that shit man.
  14. lol mold.. that shit is bad.

    got friends that smoke? go to their place give them 5 bucks to smoke you.
    next time they go to pick up, head with them make a connect.
  15. Uhm..the last time I checked, mold can't replicate in alcohol.

    You should be fine, but you might want to consider slowly drying it in sunlight. That way, the thc+vodka mix won't drip off or soak into the drying container too much.

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