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Weed snaps an cracks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mattsta, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Yea.. so it snap crackle pops n stuff, cant smoke more then like a bowl, gets hella hard to smoke after a bowl.
    what kind of weed is this, n is it laced?
  2. Some people say it means its laced some
    Say cuz its dry but sometimes my stuff cracks and pops and i get it from the clinic and i thought it was the stems (i used to pack stems and leaves when i didnt know any better) so idk man toke up
  3. Really dry and bad weed almost explodes, how does it look/smell?
  4. I put a fruit in a bag with the weed to put some moister in them an after it still cracks n pops.
    I hope its not crack.. does it crack?
  5. nah i learned from GC that if u think u smoked laced weed ur wrong because the dealer would lose money by lacing and not making you pay for it and plus you woulda tripped harder than ever if it was crack or something
  6. does it feel like your smoking crack/pcp? if not then chances are its not laced.
  7. I never smoked crack so i don't know how it feels. But, i do get a bit of a headache from it, and get tired the hole day once i smoke it.

  8. sounds like some tripe weed to me man,

    I'v never smoked crack either but I can only assume it would make you act like a crack head and I'd venture a guess that it wouldn't make you tired either.
  9. rub one of the buds on a cd and see if it scratches it
  10. i think seeds pop and crackle when you smoke them
    but i'm not sure

  11. they absolutely do,

    that would also explain the headache.....assuming that wives tale is true?

  12. ohhh noooo, dont even suggest it
  13. Well think about it, something is reacting to the lighter/flames and causing a spark. It could be anything.. Chemicals, tiny pieces of metal(from your grinder perhaps?)..
  14. If it's super dry or has seeds in it it will pop.

    Check your bud for seeds, if there isn't any you just have some really dry bud, nothing to worry about.
  15. Your smoking seeds.
  16. one. Resin pops hella bad when you smoke it (sometimes right out of the fucking bowl!)

    two. seeds pop when you smoke, but sometimes randomly bowls pop by themselves (its like really dry wood)

    if your whole stash is doing it. then its probably leaves, stems, seeds ect.
    they give headaches.
    and 3. if your shit was laced.. you would definitely know it by now. laced shit isnt like a little tiny buzz..
  17. Thats partially wrong. If its laced is completely subjective to the market value of drugs. If its schwag being marketed as dank shit, (there is schwag that looks decent, but isnt known to be schwag till ya smoke it) for like 20-30 a gram. and the drugs its being laced with are rather cheap (Some are) then its entierly possible your dealer is ripping/drugging you. Dont just go blindly trusting someone, thats just idiotic.
  18. Maybe any burning material pops and cracks, take campfires for example... ;)
    • The bud might not have been flushed properly
    • The grower might have used chemical fertilizers (and probably over fed while using them if he did)
    • The bud wasn't dried and cured properly

    • Seeds and stems might have been ground up with the bud as well by mistake

    Could be a lot of reasons, but usually in my area if I find bud that crackles and pops it's because of the first three reasons I listed. Post a picture man, lets see this "popper" weed lol :smoke:
  19. he's not necessarily smoking seeds. i've had dank w/ no seeds that cracks due to the grower not correctly flushing the harvest.

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