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weed smoking efficiency

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tr92, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. ok dudes heres one for all the smart guys
    if anyone knows anything about engines or chemistry youll get what im sayin
    ex 1) in an engine if theres too high or too low of a ratio of gasoline to oxygen it wont burn at peak efficiency, right
    ex 2) in a chemical reaction if the ratio of two substances involved isnt right there will be some of substance a or b remaining, as in it will not react 100% as it will if u have the correct ratio....
    follow me?
    so heres the discussion if u adjust the ratio of smoke to oxygen in your lungs will the THC absorb quicker/better? if u take a huge hit your lungs might not absorb all of it thereby wasting thc which we all know is a no-no. so i was thinkin if u take a little smaller of a hit and take in more oxygen with it will u get more high?

    heres my opinion i think that its true but a buddy of mine thinks that it gets all the thc because of the branch-like structures in your lungs

    what you guys think?
  2. You do not get all the THC. Your lungs can only absorb to a given point, and despite the larger surface area of the aveoli not every bit of smoke is exposed to lung tissue.
  3. Holding in your hit longer will result in more magic being absorbed.
  4. That's a common myth and untrue. Holding past about five seconds doesn't buy you much of anything other than lung damage.

    There are a million threads already on this subject, and new ones every other day at least.
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    I'm just saying not to exhale immediately after inhaling the smoke. Don't hold the smoke in until you black out.

    The way the lungs absorb what you inhale is through diffusion. Meaning with every heartbeat, you'll be getting approximately half of what's in there. On the fifth, you'd only be absorbing about 3% of the content in the smoke.
  6. so oldskool u agree that a more even ratio would result in more thc absorbed/ less wasted?
  7. I think a more critical control point would be the release mechanism of the thc, the flame. Obviously, the hotter the flame, the faster it'll char your green and will produce more smoke. More smoke coming with the thc means an increased likelyhood of smoke particles blocking sites where thc might otherwise be absorbed.

    Many people swear by matches (myself included) because the wood or paper burns at a lower temp, and makes the hit taste a little better. Even with cigarettes, there's a significant taste difference. By the temperature, I would assume that you would lose less thc when you use a match.

    I've managed to keep my costs down by doing one of two small hits and waiting 5-10 minutes before reloading. I used to over-hit myself so often cause I'd load half a bowl and clear it in 3 or 4 big hits, and I didnt get much higher than I do from a few small ones.
    Less coughing, less wasted smoke, better flavor, and you're not inhaling any unburnt butane.
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    thats intesting cause i hear people say lighting a cigar with a match makes it taste better
    good advice

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