Weed Smoking and Engineering School

Discussion in 'General' started by WuTangFran, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone. I am going to college in the fall majoring in mechanical engineering technology. I'm curious to know if i have any fellow tokers that are majoring in the same thing or other types of engineering. I smoke quite frequently, and I am curious if this will hurt me at all academically. It's a 4 year program and, i want to do well and graduate. I just really don't want to stop smoking. Any advice?:confused:
  2. well im not in that field but i did get my associates while blazing nearly every day and the way i see it is that you can use it however you'd like..
    some people think weed only makes you sleepy and lazy, but everytime i blaze i get motivated and focused so i guess it all depends on the person
  3. theres really only one way to find out.
    im majoring in chemistry. probably go into chemical engineering. I smoke every day. Just have to know your priorities. I can go to class high and do labs . Its whatever ultimately works for you. But studying I need to be clear headed and really pay attention , and when taking tests.

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