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weed smells like gasoline

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Joe Frazier, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Been smoking for quite a while. Got a sac today that smells like straight gasoline. Its schwag, dude said he had to put it in his gas cap. is it okay to smoke?
  2. yeah dude toke it up
  3. I mean this stuff reeks. like it was dipped in gas.
  4. I'd say if it doesn't combust when you wave a lighter over it, go for it. You could try leaving it sit out for a while to help get rid of the smell. But tell the dude you got it from next time he does that, put it in an airtight jar. But if someone would of handded me something that smelled like straight gas, woulda never walked away with it ya dig.
  5. I just would not have bought it. ...uck. If you still want to smoke it, the best way to tell if there's actually gas in it is to take a little piece and taste it. Not smoke-and-taste, I mean put a little bit of the bud on your tongue. If it tastes like pot and not like gassy ass, then go for it! :D
  6. I'm sorry to here that, personally I definetly wouldn't smoke that shit but let us know how it turns out for you, I hope you dont die.

  7. fuckin, dumbass. no dont smoke. it kills your brain and seriously hazard to your health
  8. why did you buy it lol?

    if i was stuck with it though i would let it sit out for a day or a couple days how ever long it takes to get the smell off. maybe with a fan blowing on it too. then it will be super dry. so i'd put it in a jar with some bread or orange peel over night to get the moisture back in it. now some people will say that's how you get mold growing on your weed, but not if you do it the right way and the right amount of time.
  9. hah dude. thats kidna bad. ive had some that smelled like soap, or just shitty smelling in general. but gas?!

    i had one kid try n sell me the left over weed from makin cannabutter, i almost spit in his face
  10. Just air it out for a day or two. I find weed absorbs whatever smells it's around. So as long as your sure it hasn't touched gasoline, it should be fine in a while.
  11. im thinkin it will be fine, im kinda confused when you say gas cap, cuz most likely he just opened the lil door, put the bag in then closed the door, all i can say is let it air dry for a couple hours in the sun, like in your window sill, then put it in an air tight jar for a day or two, or overnight and you should be fine

    but like someone said, wave a lighter over it and see what happens, if ya put it in bong and it smokes weird then dont smoke anymore

    and next time you buy from same dude ask him not to do that, but be nice/polite when ya ask
  12. water cure it.
  13. you bought schwag which is stupid unless its dirt cheap but with gasoline smell? if it was just under the cap in the bag which im sure thats how it was then im sure it got soaked in gas.... i dont know about this water curing but might be worth a shot to save it
  14. Honestly, no. It's schwag to begin with so the gasoline is a definite no for me. I wouldn't even bother.

  15. This^

    I wouldn't of even BOUGHT it.

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