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weed smells like dead armidillo stuffed withprovolone cheese! plz help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HerbertDubea, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Ok so the other day I needed a half o so I called up my buddy that jujst started choppin a couple weeks ago. So i get my half o ($90) and It looks really bomb, but like most of you know looks arent everything. As soon as i opened the bag to pack a bowl, the fowl aroma of a dead armidillo stuffed with provolone cheese burned my nostrils.
    as soon as i smelt that shit i instantly wanted to puke all over my dealers pube patch. i mean if somebodys gunna sell a half o shouldnt they at least tell the buyer that it smells like a cheese stuffed marsupial.
    and the weirdest thing is that theres no way weed should ever smell like this i think maybe the kid put a mixture of my weed and provolone cheese into a armidillo shfincter and let it marinate there for a while just to be an asshole.
    im gunna try to get my money back today for this shit
    im so fuckin pissed right now

    so has this ever happened to someone else or am i the pioneer of smoking armidillo marinated weed?:confused:
  2. how do you know what a dead armadillo stuffed with provolone cheese smells like?
  3. yeah i remember one time i picked an 8er of some mids up for 20, and went to roll a j and it smelled like spagetti, it wasnt too bad, just annoying. went by fast too:smoke:
  4. If your friend grew it maybe it was not dried and cured properly? That would be my guess.
  5. Once i smoked some bud that's smoke smells like old eggs. Not the best tasting n shit, but it got me and my friend FRIED. It was some really good shit, miracle bud =]
  6. Haha, I've never had a problem with my weed.
  7. i just smoked some weed that smells like sweaty balls, and it was awesome, just make a sandwich and get a coke while you're smoking and you won't worry about taste, and you'll have something to eat when you're high :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  8. You've never had Italian Texas Surprise? It's delicious! I gotta get me some of that weed!

    Seriously though, probably mold. Someone didn't cure properly.

  9. LMAO such a stoner response

    Guy:I have a problem with smell
    Stoner: pics ?
  10. Why didn't you just smell it beforehand? Whenever I buy bud I always examine it and smell it, if not to make sure it smells right, but just to savor the smell. Would have saved you from this predicament of yours.
  11. ive gotten weed that kinda smells like puke, but it was dank shit, now everytime i get those puke buds i know its gonna be good:)
  12. wtf. yall are trippin about smoking weed that smells like horrid

    i mean..i like my weed to smell..but either fruity..have a nice aroma..dank smell...a deep and trancing smell..but not like dead animal carcasses

  13. has any of you ever gotten weed that smelt like mcdonalds french fries?

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