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Weed Smell in Cars

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChipThaRipper, May 8, 2011.

  1. Im picking up my car this friday and its a nice car so I don't want to mess it up, but I also love smoking pot:devious:. Does pot smell stick to leather seats and would the smoke damage the interior of my car. Would it lingure perminantly, or will the smell leave with a $15 car wash by my friendly mexican friends at the local car wash?
  2. Don't even bother with the car wash. Go to Walmart (or some headshops), buy a $5 bottle of Ozium. Spray it for one second after each smoke session. Car will always smell nice and fresh.
  3. [​IMG]
    only $2 online
  4. ^this
    use it for my room. and its perfect
  5. I also support Ozium. It has gotten me out of many a jam with the local PD.
  6. Hmm,good to know.
  7. its gonna smell....from experience leather cars seem t hold the smell a bit longer...ive been promoting the shit out of this product on here for months now, i recoomennend it HIGHLY
    it keep the smell from two FULL FLOWERING grow rooms under control...

    the blocks r great but i really would go for the ona pro gel if u can afford it, will last u at least 6 months and ur house/car will nvr me on this one,,,lemmie know if it works out...take care dude, be careful smoking in the car bro....get on a highway and cruise real slow...residential streets ur asking for it,,,and remember, dont break the law when breaking the law, make sure all ur lights are working, seatbelts on and dont speed u should be ok

    but seriously check out the ona brand...ozium doesnt have SHIT on this product...
    best wishes
  8. Ozium eh? You learn something useful everyday. Thanks.
  9. You don't need any air fresheners like that.

    I've been smoking in my car for years. Weed smell doesn't stick around wall. Drive around with your windows down to air it out. I've never had any problems.
  10. Does the ozium or ona have scents to it or are they just eliminators? I told me friends we could christen the car with a bake out and they are all excited cause its the nicest car any of them would have been in but I dont know if I wanna mess up the interior for it. Then again I'm keeping the car for 10 years so it wont make a difference.
  11. It has a fairly strong smell at first. The standard is lemon lime, but they make others as well, such as new car smell. But, once the smell dissipates, no smell is left. Not weed, not ozium smell, just fresh.
  12. can you only get it online or are there any Long Island stores that sell it? Im from Long Island too.
  13. Well, I got mine from the automotive section of the Walmart on Old Country Road, Westbury. They only carry the original scent here, and only in the larger size. It was $5.

    I also know for sure that they sell it at Gotham Smoke and Novelties on Jericho Tpke, in Huntington Station, but its more expensive there. They do, however, sell the various scents, and in both sizes.
  14. I owe my buddy a downstem from gotham i'll probably just pick it up there. Doesnt hurt to look around there too such a great shop.
  15. never heard of ozium til now...looks like i got a new product to try.
  16. the cops know it though, so don't leave it out. they know stoners love it
  17. gotham is pretty dope but pretty overpriced. but then again, what head shop isn't

    also never spray the ozium when your in the car with the windows closed. that shit is toxic as fuck just reading the back of it scares me.
  18. Most auto parts stores sell Ozium and it works like a charm everytime
  19. What car you gettin??

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