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Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Few things id like to say cuz im mad bored and this is the only thing i have to do besides smoek weed and i already smoekd weed... Hampfire papers are wicked frkin good. Girls who wil smoke with you are way better then girls who dont, and a the mark of a true stoner is if he only goes out with chics who toke. The other day i bought a 9gram nic($50)!!!!! man, this dude at my work is good, his freind grows and he cells the best weed for so good proces, 9 grams for fidy dolla, thats a dizzle by any means. Its shitty when you have freinds who smoek lots of weed but odnt have jobs, because whenever your with them youv got to share your weed..im always the dude with the fat bag cuz i have a job and i spend all my money on weed or shrooms or e or whatever i feel like. TRhe best way to reduce having to giv weed away is only tak ea small bag to the party...thats how i keep any weed. And one more thing this site.. www.erowid.com is wicked good, i saw it in a post about acid and it had alot of good info..if i didnt alread knwo all that shit then id be cooler. Oh actuyely one other thing i was gunna try acid, cu zi do ulota shrooms and i love my trips on shrooms, and all the people i know who have tried it or do it say acids liek just ten times stronger then shrooms, so i tried it, oh man my tripp was so good...it was all in the sky and bright colors and naked chics and then i sucked out of this plane and i was falling but it was fun cuz i somehow knew i wasnt gunan die. and then i liek went on this journey(i had just seen lord of the rings) and i kille d amillion gobins but then this big firy dragon sawd off my head. it was good, acids good, just dont do it to much it wil turn your brain to mush.

  2. After reading that post, I got to say, that's probably the least of your worries. Hah, just playing buddy.
  3. haha its cool, thats just shit i think is true and hsoudl be said, lol

  4. Well actually........ It's 100 times stronger(and 4000 times stronger than Mescaline). LSD is damn potent.

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