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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Puggs189, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I'm getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, I was wondering if any of you guys had a good recipe for a milkshake with buds in it:D? Or any other soft food that you can put trees in. I appreciate anything

  2. you can just boil some cream and put weed in it then just put the cream in a milkshake.
  3. Weed must be released by heat because cumsumption will produce effects. The only possible I way I see would be to make a batch of brownies and then, put a brownie in the milkshake and grind finely.
  4. OR you can just smoke it. A friend of mine smoked right after he got his wisdom teeth pulled and he was fine. Obviously take a small hit.
  5. I was smoking within 12 hours of having my wisdom teeth pulled.

    What messes you up, is the suction, it can pull out your blood clot, and that is what gives you dry socket.

    What I did was rolled a joint, and didn't inhale much harder then just breathing in regularly, and not having my mouth closed around the joint, so there was not any suction for the most part.

    I had no complications.
  6. You will be most likely be waiting at least 1 day because your gums wont stop trickling blood for a while...

    And anyways you are NOT supposed to use straws, so dont drink your milk shake because you can rip out your blood clots

    When I got mine out I waited 1 day, and would only smoke bongs or bubblers so the smoke was clean, to reduce chance of infection. Just have your friends milk you your rips to avoid suction, and just breathe in the smoke. Although I milked my own rips, I just did it really softly and slowly.

    Good luck.
  7. Make your self some Dragon.

  8. It is too late now. Plus alcohol works like a bitch.
  9. kirara had oral surgery last week. I take a 2 foot bong and duct tape a ski boot dryer to the mouth piece. lite bic, turn on dryer, and walla....massive self serve shotgun machine. no sucking. we have been doing this a long time. use to get plastic bottles and make squeeze tokers. all kinds of ways to stay high;) w/a hurt mouth. i had friends w/jaw wired shut stay high off shotguns from Js. the true meaning of get high w/a lil help from my friends.
  10. I had four of my teeth removed when I was making room in my mouth for my braces, and I smoked immediately afterwards. Don't use a bong or a pipe, but blunt or joint works great. Light puffs.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, im sitting here in my computer chair, with ice wrapped around my jaw. HURTS LIKE A BITCH. And all I can think about is getting high, Think I'm gonna just roll a j, and breath on it how i would normally breathe not smoke it like i would normally, tell you guys how it goes, wish me luck lol. If i get dry sockets i'll be sure to make a point of it

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