Weed-seeds.net? Legit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by grassman2, May 12, 2011.

  1. As the title says... Anyone have experience with them?
  2. I've used them a few times and can confirm they are legit. There postage is good and stealthy. I went with the Greenhouse Super Lemon Haze, seeds came with 10 days (East Coast US) which i was pretty happy with! :D
  3. Ok cool thanks! I just ordered Haze special seeds or something!
  4. I don't think you'll be disappointed, like i said i've had a good experience with them and the beans i got i was happy with! Let me know how you get on!
  5. I bought from them a few weeks ago and had no problems either. Delivery to Australia

  6. Yes mate, they are legit.
  7. very good. It took eight days from order to delivery in Texas. Very stealth/quality shipping.
  8. Hey - yes these guys are legit. I got my last order from these guys. First time I have ever ordered from them. I got a couple of packs of Bomb seeds from them including 10 Auto Bomb which I am really pleased with. I am harvesting tonight and drying over the weekend - can't wait and will update! :D
  9. It's been 10 days now... ordered stealth, I go screwed 1 time years ago by marc emory but nirvana always came through. Should I be worried?

  10. If it's been 10 days no.
  11. 10 days - definitely not. Presuming you are in the US, you should allow 2 weeks before getting concerned. When i ordered from these guys it took around 8-9 days to get to CA, but if you want to ease the tension a bit just email them and ask for a tracking number.
  12. Southeast US. I ordered the weekend before labor day. IDK if they celebrate labor day over there or not but maybe that is what has delayed it.
  13. Just emailed to check for tracking #. I've been hearing good things about theattitude as far as fast shipping and customer service. Not really an impatient person just like to be assured for my peace of mind. I use for OCD but my state isnt legal so it suck having to take a chance with customs.
  14. They said since it was shipped stealth no tracking#. They said it shipped on sep. 5th and should be here any day now.... prolly going with attitude seeds next time.
  15. RELAX fools... You will all have ya shit.
  16. Received today! Big Bomb and free afhgan something whatever the fast freebie was, it's himalayan kush right now which sounds crispy!

    Now everyone help me pray to the green goddess for girls!

  17. I'm guessing you have a problem with them. They're obviously not a scam site though dude. Loads of people on here have used them and got all there beans.

  18. Nice one dude - one post and you clearly have an issue. Thank you for contributing nothing to this planet.
  19. You're not wrong Deaf total cockshiner!

    Grassman what you end up ordering?
  20. ^^^^^trolls helping a scam site take people hard earned money weed-seed.net is a scam site!! DON'T TAKE THE RISK!!! buy somewhere else anything they have you can find somewhere with a better rep and cheaper!!! Just looking out for others!!!


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