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Weed Seeds and Consuming them

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GreenMage, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. I heard they can, But I'm sure you need a lot. But they're disgusting to smoke, all oily and a disgusting smoke. And also claims of causing low semen counts.
  2. Cannabis seeds are one of the most highly nutritious seeds in the world. Heres a paragraph that i thought was very interesting out of Jack Herers The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

    Hempseed was, until the 1937 prohibition law, the world's number-one bird seed, for both wild and domes-tic birds. It was their favorite* of any seed food on the planet; four million pounds of hempseed for songbirds were sold at retail in the U.S. in 1937. Birds will pick hempseeds out and eat them first from a pile of mixed seed. Birds in the wild live longer and breed more with hempseed in their diet, using the oil for their feathers and their overall health.
  3. Be careful eating the seeds, they could sprout and start going in your stomach :)
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    If your going to give people advice about using Pot Seeds as a "food source", then you may want to warn them about the risks of ingesting huge amounts of linoleic acid, you know, just to be fair;)
  5. That headache is from phytoestrogens, which cause serious vascular constriction, which causes headaches. And it just happens to be a migraine trigger and a seizure trigger if you're prone to either already.

    Dont. Smoke. Seeds.
  6. so my weed came with seeds and I just smoked them I really didnt think why not and my expiernce are.......this gave me a migrane just dont
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    OP is 7 years old & the OP has been banned from GC,you really need to start checking the dates on posts this is becoming a daily thing with you bumping old posts where the OP is banned.
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  9. Not against the rules no, but every post you reply to the OP has been banned or hasn't been on in years
  10. well they haven't been on in years so, so what
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  11. also I like that little edit you did to your pic
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  12. Another member on GC did it for me :smoke:

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