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Weed Seeds and Consuming them

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GreenMage, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Can they get you high? In what way, what do you have to do and how much do you need to consume?
  2. Nope, not a chance.
  3. No
    Not in any way
  4. Seeds have no THC or CBD so no.
  5. no
  6. Are you new to weed or just a troll?
  7. Troll haha, why don't plant them??
  8. You actually can get stoned from pot seeds, all you have to do is put the seed in some dirt and in about 3-4 months you'll have some bud to smoke.
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  9. they do taste good tho...
  10. If your desperate you can crush them with your fingers just sqeeze and it crumbles into white looking dust.

    Hey it adds more to your joint lmao.
  11. ewww dude dont smoke seeds. buy sensimilla.
  12. I take it none of these guys have tried it.

    Yes, smoking seeds will get you high. The best way to do it is to crush them up and smoke them. Unfortunately, don't expect a good high. Generally smoking seeds gave me a headache, and a very short lived/hard crash head high. It's good if you're pulling an all nighter and it's your only option, but honestly sometimes it's just better to go to bed.

    Other things that will get you high:

    Resin. If you smoke a pipe, or one hitter, resin will collect in the tubes. It can be collected into resin balls, and resmoked. Again, it has a high potential for a headache high, and is a quick mental high with a crash. It's better than smoking seeds though.

    Grash. This is when you've smoked out of a pipe or other device, to the point where all you have left on your tray (assuming you conserve), is brown-black-grey ash. This can be smoked again too. Generally a gentler effect than Resin or seeds.

    Stems. Very weak, not even really worth it. But if you get enough of them you might get a slight head buzz for a short time. Completely not worth it for getting high, and barely worth in IMO for resuming a high. Though, I have mixed stems with seeds and received mixed results.

    Shake. This is the stuff at the bottom of the bag. In a well cut bud it will be basically just fragments of the bud, so smoking the shake will have pretty much full effect. However, if the shake is leaves, stems, sticks, etc, you can still smoke it and see what happens. Usually you'll get ranging from a weak buzz, to a fairly good buzz. Shake is probably the first thing you want to smoke, before you move onto the other things listed above.
  13. No dirt and semen can fil up my blunt 2 but i dont use it.

    No man no matter how desperate dont smoke seeds. They are rather healthy if eaten tho. And u can make Bhang.

    But yea. Smoke blunts so you have roaches left and u can roll a daddy. Im smoke a great great grandaddy. Was like 2 months of blunts.

  14. Smoking wood will cause the same effect....
  15. I use my stems and seeds to make green dragon (vodka + THC) im not sure if the seeds help at all, but its worth a shot :smoking:
  16. Cannabis seeds do not contain THC except for a tiny amount that may have rubbed off of any bud they touched. They are very nutritious and are a badly neglected food source. These articles are about the nutritional value of hemp seed-

    HEMP SEED: The Most Nutritionally Complete Food Source In The World

    Hempseed: Nature's Perfect Food? (news - 1992)
    Hempseed: Nature's Perfect Food?

    Hemp Foods and THC Levels: A Scientific Assessment 1 (full - 1999)
    THC Limits for Food, Part I

    Hemp Foods and THC Levels: A Scientific Assessment 2 (full - 1999)
    THC Limits for Food, Part II

    Characterization, amino acid composition and in vitro digestibility of hemp (Cannabis) proteins (abst - 2008)

    Hemp Seeds are Full of Health (news -2010)
    Hemp Seeds are Full of Health

    More can be found by clicking the first link in my sig and scrolling down to "NUTRITION".

    Granny :wave:
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  17. I don't regret munching these seeds now :p
  18. Nope can't get high, but they taste like sunflower seeds if you eat the inside!
  19. They contain a high amount of omega 3 + 6's apparently which is good for your skin and health but you can't get high off them.
  20. all of your stories are so sad, i feel for you man. i've never heard of people saving the ash and then resmoking it. as for ingesting the seeds, you won't get the exact same medicinal effects as smoking cannabis but you will get plenty of omega 3 and other good stuff.

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