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    Are you any good at writing rhymes, quotes?
    Or better yet, do you know of any?

    Post them here, I'm intreeged to see what you guys can come up with. :)

    "Sitting here in my room smoking on purple haze,
    just reminising about those good old days ,
    Break down your weed, roll it up in a blunt,
    I keep it real i dont have to stunt,
    After a while ill bring out the bong,
    and maybe when i get real high ill break out with a song"

    Hahaha ;)
  2. hah i know i stole this one but...

    "well the father of our nation, yea he smoked a lot of chronic.
    Knew the economic value of some good hydroponic.
    we look up at the man as a hero, ironic,
    when Clinton dont inhale call him unpatriotic"

    haha Smoke em by supervillains

  3. Hahahaha Never heard that one before :smoking:

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