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+Weed revelations/realizations thread!!+

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dunzo, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. We all know that when you're high as all hell the world makes much more sense.

    When it comes to revelations, what have you "realized" to be true while high?

    The other day when me and my cousin were smoking my car and listening to Bob Dylan, it was revealed to me that music these past 40 years or so has been amazing. That being said, without Bob Dylan and the Beatles (along with weed and acid), music as we know it today would be completely different. We may not have had such influential bands as The Pixies, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Neutral Milk Hotel, or Zeppelin (or at least they would not be the same). As I put it that night while kiting, Soulja Boy would have happened in the 80s. Pop music these days has gone to shit (this is my opinion, sorry no offense) along with Pop culture, "art" is being manufactured for money, not for expression. Without Bob and The Beatles we would have a completely different perspective!

    That being said, what's your favorite song/artist to listen to while you're high?

    For me it's "Weird Fishes" or "Idioteque" by Radiohead

    GOGO tell GC your revelations and we can come to this thread to learn about life and all of it's intricacies!
  2. one important one for me was:

    you decide who u want to be and no one else. what other people say about you doesnt mean shit and no one should try to shape you. when i started smoking weed i started living DGAF(dont give a fuck) and am still living that way today and loving it.

    another one was not too take things too seriously or overreact. this usually gets me nowhere and the problem would be solved quicker if it was dealt with in a calm manner
  3. nice...philosophy 101 up in here =]
  4. mine was: WEED IS AWESOME.
  5. I just done give a fuck
  6. Absolutely true, dude.

    But always remember that other people are just as important as you. Like, if other people try to screw you over in life, it is ok to stick your nose up to them and say piss off. But never commit bad karma against others who have not harmed you. (Stealing would be a good example)
  7. Respect others and respect yourself and your rights!
  8. Word :cool:
  9. word. Here's a video that sums of one I had a while ago..

    [ame=]YouTube - We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot[/ame]
  10. I kinda ruined watching movies for myself (if this makes sense):

    i imangend myself at the movie set, watching the people act out the movie that i was watching. And i realized how retarded they must look when they are acted it out. And now i just cant take any movies seriously.

    No, plays do not work wit this theory because most of the time movie actors are acting infront of green screens whcih makes them look more silly

    doubt this makes anysense but i dont care cause im blazed out of my mind
  11. Well, one of the things that weed has made me think intensely about is why are we here. I'm always thinking about, in my opinion, how there's no way we can be the only living beings in this universe and what other worldly civilizations are or would be like.

    I think about the people sitting in 9-5 jobs every day that don't get to experience anything fun and how that's not how we're supposed to live. How there's so much pointless shit in this world and how it does nothing to improve our existence or ensure our planet's existence.

    One night I was completely baked, alone, at my place just chillen readin GC and stuff. Started thinkin about all this and had like one of the most intense feelings of my life. Something that would never be felt sober and is kind of like a quote I've seen in someone's sig on here, "A psychadelic trip can not be described with our language, it's just something you have to experience."

    So yeah, I just tried to describe it but it didn't work out...

    Later lol.
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    I know exactly what you're saying. This is one huge reason I can't stand how Blu-Ray looks so realistic with that setting on it. It's like you're just sitting there watching them act. Not watching a movie. Something I also have learned is to have weed revolve around your life, not have your life revolve around weed. I read this somewhere on this forum and it has been the one thing that made the most sense.

    Also, I never realized until is started smoking that our government is really corrupt. Especially with weed being illegal. They can have THC pills so the pharmaceutical companies can make money off it, but it's illegal if you use it in it's natural form. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure they had THC pills before they had MMJ, but don't I'm really not sure.
  13. The government prohibiting marijuana is something that gets me everyday. It makes no sense..

    I totally get what you mean, man. That feeling of understanding how trivial some things really are, it's intense.
  14. This may not be as profound... but one time I was stoned and realized that the news is called the news because it is about "new" stuff that has happened.

    Blew my mind.
  15. yea since i have been smoking ive realised that the gov is so corrupt kinda like we are the modern day slavery and a bunch of other things just lazy to type right now haha

  16. hahahaha oh shit i didn't even realize that
  17. Well weed has made me realize how much false persecution there is of people who dont commit violent crimes. Its also opened my eyes to whats more important in life and my decisions have gotten a lot better since i started chiefen,
  18. Well. Here's mine.

    We as, humans, have built up society to the point where anyone is a slave to routine; here's a chart.

    Ages 0-4 - With no responsibilities such as school and what not, this group is worry free. However, they lack the maturity and intelligence and ability to take advantage of this.

    Ages 4-21 - A seemingly endless cycle of school. It cuts into everything, giving you responsibilities, worries, stress and whatnot. You haven't the time/chance/ability to take advantage of your "freedom".

    Ages 21-Retirement - You've exited college. You're free - or so you think. To do anything you want, you need money. To get money, you need a job. And to get to your job, depending on where you live, you need a car. Without realizing it, you've again cocooned yourself into routine - you'll have to wait for your freedom.

    Retirement - Death - Now you're free. With all of your saved retirement money you can support yourself for the rest of your life. However, you're old and your body can't handle anything truly exciting. And in the near-death days, you're just counting them off until judgement.

    There's nothing to do but work and wait in this world. It fucking sucks.

  19. so would old news be called "olds" because its about "old" stuff that has happend?
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    I believe the word you're looking for is 'History'.

    My one, and only.
    If there's nothing at the edge of our universe, no inky blackness,no opaque infinity. Just nothingness, if you were to walk into this. Wouldn't it become you. Therefore you are walking into yourself.

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