Weed related injuries

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  1. I have noticed some casualties associated with smoking weed. Today, I was hitting my piece, when my thumb slipped off the carb a bit, causing air to be sucked into the carb, causing the flame to move from the bowl into the carb and roast my thumb ouch. How bout you guys? Ever notice any injuries directly cause by weed and or smoking it? :smoking:
  2. while ripping my bong, it was quite a large hit so i had to torch that shit causing the lighter metal to get extremely hot so when i pull-through my lighter just presses into my hand and just melts away a small amount of skin, was very painful. all couldve been avoided if i had just put the lighter down after i had lit the bowl but oh well, silly me.
  3. One time i was taking a huge rip of white shark out of my illadelph, granted I'd been smoking heavily all of that day, slipped and broke my ashcatcher slicing my hand open. I had to get 4 stiches. I still miss my a/c, but my hand has a far out scar now man.
  4. When using a lightbulb vape, the lightbulb gets to about 5 billion degrees, if you drop it on a body part it is like entering the sun.
  5. i was smoking a blunt wit a fliter so i bit down on the filter and the blunt slammed into my nose... hurt like hell
  6. Funny you ask....

    I was helping a friend with his garden because he had this monstrosity of a cannabis plant growing and it was beginning to show over his wooden fence. We tied it over and he bought some wood and all of the stuff to build a little walk in type shelter over it. When we got done with the whole thing he untied the plant and things looked really nice and clean. While smoking a celebratory bowl, he stepped up on the ladder to retrieve his hammer he left on the roof this thing and his foot went thru the rung and broke his leg when the ladder (and him) fell over about 5 feet into his real garden. He hit the stone wall also cutting his forehead. His wife and I had to help him to the front yard to load his big ass into the car to take him to the ER.

    And yes...we did laugh mighty hard afterwards.

  7. geekin is very bad for you one of my friends was geekin after hittin the bowl real hard and while geekin he tore his diafram? witch gave him hickups for a few weeeks....

    yea ive burnt my thumbs and index fingers..
    does dropping the bowl count as a injury? :hello:
  8. yeah i've burnt fingers mostly. the other night i fainted after smoking a bowl, hit my head and my ass pretty damn hard on the floor.
    oh and i've stubbed my toes before by walking into things. thats not fun.
  9. I got a fuckin' HUGE body buzz from waterfalls one time. In my nuts. It was horrible.

    I've burned myself with a torch lighter a few times, too.
  10. not exactly sure how it happened i was lighting a bowl and i burned my fingernail, .25 cm of my fingernail crumbled off
  11. how did that happen?
  12. a few weeks ago i was blazin n not really payin attention. I was side-tracked and ended up burning my eyelashes. my car smelt like burnt hair. it sucked. my friend laughed at me.
  13. i was smokin a glass pipe and the burning embers went straight ito my throat and burned me a little bit.
  14. The time we were all in the car, and my friend in the back was using a blade to split the blunt, I felt something on my face, I thought it was spit because someone was talking directly at me, and I hear "QUICK! give me a towel or something!" I turn around my friend thumb is gushing with blood, it was blood on my face.

    Annother time, is when i was high - I couldnt find my lighter, so I decided to use my friends stove. Leaning over a bit to much, I burnt some of my hair. It didnt touch the flames, the heat vapors are such a temperature it can burn away light fragile things, like hair.
  15. I've burnt my bangs and ended up burning my thumb a lot when I was starting out. I had a huge blister and thought the best decision would be to tear it off, ended up having a centimeter deep hole in my thumb, absolutely disgusting and painful. Also, strong indica, walking up hill, fell over,destroyed my knee, hurt like a bitch. Now that I have a vast amount of experiences, the injuuries are few to none. Now, whilst cross-fading, that is a different story.
  16. just some burnt eyebrows/eyelashes and some burnt thumbs
  17. a friend of mine "cracked up" my lighter. when you turn the gas as high as humanly possible to smoke some resin outta his old ass bow. i forgot it was a super flame and went to hit a 3 and a half inch bowl..... literally burned half an inch off my hair and burned my forehead
  18. i ran into a glass door, breaking my nose because i thought i had opened it two seconds ago.
  19. :eek:
  20. It was absolutely, indescribably disgusting. Same day I spilled hot coffee on my hands twice because I was high in Starbucks with my friend Tatiana. The barrister was laughing at me. Hard. :eek:

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