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Weed Related Halloween Costumes

Discussion in 'General' started by Dubsackz420, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. So last year I was a Dutch Master for Halloween. Like one of the guys from the logo. It ruled and everyone loved it at the party. This year's party is next thursday and I want to have something weed related chosen by next week. I can't think of anything. Someone help me hahaha. Let me know what you were for Halloween if it was weed related or just give me some ideas!
  2. be a doobie made with real weed...yeaa...youll get smoked

  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_HWLslfmJI]YouTube - KRS-One - Can't Wake Up (I'm A Blunt)[/ame]
  4. Seriously though... Anyone got any ideas?
  5. a giant joint?
    maybe a giant bong? u can use ur dick as the downstem/bowl but u gotta make sure no one tries to light u.
    how about the zig-zag guy?
  6. I was thinking a giant blunt or a giant joint. They wouldn't be that hard to make haha. I'm surprised not more people on a weed forum were something weed related for Halloween
  7. Hahahah I know right, it actually looks like regualr clothes lmao.
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    Hmmm, be a cloud of smoke...
    I dont know how that would work, but if you smoked mad blunts all night Im sure you'd be a cloud of smoke. haha.

    On a more serious note, be a giant bag of weed. :D

  9. Hahaha, you could be like this guy....


    But with a cloud of smoke instead of dust! :smoke:
  10. towelie from southpark
  11. i had this plan last year.. if u grow or know someone who does.. they usually chop around this time anyway.. get all the fan leaves and make a suite out of that.. fuck a costume, that shits real! only thing is to syop them from dieing.. that would be sick if you could laminate each leaf. over the top but it would be cool..

    i gotta better idea tho.. make a bong costume with your favorite company on it or whatever, and mAKE the slide and bowl come up from your legs like where your dick would be.. make a real looking bowl. then found some candy thats got a green wrapper and fill the bowl.. everyone will be reaching in your bowl all night.. you could try to find some no name candy witha plain wrapper. paint it green and right shit on it.. like make northern lights chocolate.. ak47 twisslers

    haha just random shit like that.. i think thats your best bet.. you did the blunt already. give your mr. bong his turn
  12. first off, i like the idea of the weed suit. but if u get arrested there's no denying possession lol.

    second, that bong idea was mine! i said dont let anyone light the head of ur dick on fire!

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