Weed really lead to other drugs?

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  1. What's your opinion on the statement "Marijuana is a gateway drug". My little sister came home from school today and told me about her 4th grade dare class. They told her that Weed leads to meth, coke and all kinds of other drugs. I think this is somewhat true because alot of people start off with weed in their drug experimental age and want something more. I'm not going to lie I'm one of these people and enjoy the occasional gram of coke or 2 and ill roll some E every now and then, but can you really blame this on Marijuana? What are your thoughts?
  2. I personally think that marijuana isnt a gateway drug because its you that makes you own decisions. I dont think that just because you smoke marijuana you eventually no matter what try different more serious drugs. You make you own decisions about trying different drugs and i think marijuana has nothing to do with it.
  3. no

    In the same respect you can create that link with anything.
    TV is a gateway drug because 99% of drug users have watched TV.

    The fact that people who use other drugs started on weed, is because weed is the least intense of illegal drugs, if you've never used any drug before, you're not gonna do a line or shoot up, you're gonna smoke a J. Weed is like the first stepping stone (stone, lol) in the world of drugs. Its also the most used of illegal drugs, so you're more likely to get offered some weed than anything else.
    This is another scare tactic used by the gov't, where they take a truth and distort it to make it sound worse.
    Another example:
    Fact: Terrorists are bad people.
    Pseudo-Fact: Bad people are Terrorists. -- obviously not true
    Fact: Meth users smoke weed.
    Pseudo-Fact: Weed smokers are meth users. -- must I say?

    I hope you get my point
    we have such a n00b government...

    edit: Thanks to Sh@wn for the rep :smoke:
  4. i blame it on curiosity... not pot. i mean yeah we could prolly blame it on weed but it doesnt need anymore bad rep

    auctually if weed was legal it wouldnt be considered a drug so people would b smoking a joint thinking "im normal" instead of sitting around and say "im doing an illeagal drug." its like cigs.... cigs dont lead to meth do they?

    its all psychosamatic
  5. I dont think weed is a gateway drug in the slightest, many ppl dnt feel the need to stray away from Mj in order to get a better high or trip harder. The ppl who smoke weed then move onto coke or meth etc are the ones who wish to experiment, its a persons mentality and their personal prefference which determines whether they try harder drugs and not Mj. Weed is only used as an escapegoat(sp?) for the ppl who move onto harder drugs. I personnally wud have to take of my gloves and socks to count the number of ppl i kno that have only tried weed and no other drug.
  6. well in one aspect 1 deffinalty do, i think it is because people all throughout there lives hear how bad weed is and how it is a drug and much worse than alcohal and cigs, then they try it and r like what the fuck this isnt so bad and doit a couple more times and realize this cant be any worse for me than alcohal which it is most likely not as bad as alcohal and then they think well if they said this was so bad what about cokaine and meth and shit it cant be as bad as they say when it is which brings u to another question y is it illegal
  7. The officer who caught me with a bong tells my mom:

    "Yeah, these kids think they're safe smokin pot, but when the high isnt enough anymore they move on to stuff like cocaine and heroin."

    Ya sure officer, do you have a fresh needle by any chance?
  8. Roflmao
  9. To be honest yes I do think so. I would never have tried the drugs I have without smoking first. Was it a personal choice? Yes, but I still only do the things i've done becuase of smoking. However, I only smoked after being a heavy drinker so blame what you want.

  10. So you agree that if you smoke weed, you imperatively, against your will, move on to other things? Because thats what anti-drug orgs are saying. I see what you're saying from a personal standpoint, but from a broader angle, think about those who only smoke weed. What the govt is doing here is trying to make it look like weed is a "trap" and that once you fall into it you are a slave to the drugworld.
  11. i drank and smoked cigarettes long before i smoked weed..
  12. my opinion, no. but i don't have the nerve to try a drug that could potentially kill me. actually, i wouldn't call it nerve, more the need/desire to get "high" i'd LOVE absolutely LOVE to be able to drop acid, roll, experiment w/other drugs, but my life just seems to be more important than a good trip.

    i don't know, in my case, that weed isn't a gateway drug so much as my passion for living disallows me trying new drugs.
  13. Does the Dare program say that weed automatically leads to harder drugs? Or do they say that weed may lead to harder drugs. Theres a huge difference here.

    If weed automatically leads to harder drug use, then every pot smoker will become a meth/heroin/coke/etc. user. And since there are millions of pot smokers in the US, then it would be logical to assume that there are millions of meth/heroin/coke users as well.

    I think the second statement is what programs like DARE try to repeat: that weed may lead to harder drugs. It may be a stepping stone. It's much harder to argue against such a vague statement. In some ways, i think this is true, and in others, its bullshit.

    The original post seems like DARE advocates the first statement.... and it is complete bullshit. But when DARE moves up to educating highschool, i bet they use the second statement... that it may lead to hard drug use.

  14. Nice post, dare definately is more careful about the way it defends its point than other orgs, and my anger is more directed toward them (and my health teacher :rolleyes:)

  15. i believe mildly yes it is, how come most drug users dont start with coke or x or mushrooms, but i by know means agree with that "high isn't enough" bullshit, they used to pull that shit at high school, and i'd just be like "i didn't do acid because herb wasn't cuttin' it, i love herb, but i also love seeing things" haha
  16. Disagree. I have been smoking weed for 2-3 years and i have had many opportunities to do other drugs. I just turn them down.
  17. The government in prohibiting cannabis has created a black market. This is the same black market that REAL drugs (come on, marijuana is not a drug) are sold on. Therefore, the government has itsself created a convienience for marijuana smokers to obtain drugs through their usual connections.
  18. Exactly. my biggest hookup let me try some hash for cheap because she was out of weed, and in a month or so she's getting boomers and if I want I am near the head of the line to get some. If I could pick up weed at a shop here in town it is far less likely that I would be exposed to other things. But in the end I will only try something if I really want to. Weed doesn't trap you, it brings opportunity.
  19. it definitely leads to you getting exposed to the other drugs. I never saw coke before i started smoking weed. Or opium. I'd have to say i prolly wouldn't have if i didn't get into pot, but i don't know how you can go to a party and not smoke pot. Prolly see drugs there, but whatever.
  20. Marijuana made me relise how precious my life is. I dont want to endanger it with things as temporary and as threatening. Sure theres lung cancer in the long run, but I truely believe cancer is a part of life for now. Someday we'll have the cure, but until then, its a part of our evolution.

    I was very lucky when I was a kid... In 98 when I was young lad my uncle took me and my brother on a 2 month road trip touring the country. We stopped at 48 out of 50 states. I saw so much beauty, so much that I cant remember it all. I actually watched the sun rise on top of a 1000 foot plateau. It was beautiful. Theres so much out there, I dont want to waste it on coke or something. Marijuana is not a drug, its an herbal life enhancer. Use it sparingly :smokin:

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