Weed Really Fucked Up My Life

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  1. No, not really. It's made it a ton better. I used to be shy and depressed (not emo... I hate those gay-ass emo motherfuckers), and weed has helped me make new friends, get through those tough times where suicide seemed inevidable, bettered my music tastes, and opened up my mind to new thoughts and ideas. I mean, I'm still shy and depressed sometimes, but weed has definitely boosted my confidence over the past half year or so and has helped me through some really tough times. Whenever I felt down, I'd just toke up, fall asleep, and feel good as new the next day. God bless Mary Jane.

    So, how has weed helped all of you out? :)
  2. I agree with you about when you're down, a nice bowl or J would lift you up. Especially during the winter I have S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) with the lack of sunlight and whatnot. Mary Jane definitely has helped me through that :).
  3. That's just one of the many things Mary can do :smoke:
    It's improved my life by making me think outside the box, be sceptical and made me interested in politics. Occasianaly it works like a brain booster to me the day after smoking.
  4. Its made me realize problems really arnent that big of a deal that we make them out to be
  5. Mary made me realize how amazing life really is,
    and realize how beautiful nature is...
  6. I suffer from moderate-to-severe anxiety that includes guilt, paranoia, and general fear of the world around me. I also suffer from serious migraines that have the potential to hospitalize me.

    I started smokin up about 3 months ago, and in the last three months my anxiety has not only been better, but my migraines have significantly decreased in frequency and severity. I am also muuuch more willing to let shit roll off my back and not obsess about EVERYthing.

    Plus, it's just some damn good fun. I am seriously thinking of moving to a state that would allow me to aquire a MMJ card. My life is significantly better WITH the herb than without. I've also been more social, less shy, less worried about my body/appearance and less hard on myself.

    I don't know if I could be without it, now.
  7. Dude I feel you on that shit...

    Like I'm not a sociable dude at all and when I smoke I think about shit like how many kids have I chilled with who I have probably NOTHING at ALL in common other than the fact that we all love smoking pot.

    Like seriously, I would probably not know like 75 kids if I never started smoking.
  8. It's made me more tolerant of things that i don't understand. I get along with people so much better now. My depression is down as well. I can also flex my creative side(Telling and writing stories) and i love to listen to people talk about what's on their mind too and how they feel. Overall everything is awesome.
  9. for some one going through suicide thoughts i dont think MJ is the answer.
    I hate people who use drugs like MJ to "ease the pain". Its a recreational drug to me, not a cure for serious problems like yours.

    - rep
  10. Man I love waking up in the morning after smoking the night before, cook up a whole mess of eggs and say to myself life is wonderful. Do yall get that feeling?
  11. I had to to take a medication that costs $800+ a month, and wasn't even working anymore. Weed helps me keep my shit in check, there haven't been many times I've been stoned, and argued with somebody, or get pissed off for reasons I really shouldn't. Even with my medication I would sometimes be "A little bitch". And especially anxiety, some times the stress just overwhelms me, then a good bong hit of that chronic and I'm in my own little happy place.
  12. Only when there is also bacon involved in the transaction.
  13. Glad weed has hgelped you bro. +rep
  14. fuck yeah!:wave: weed fucked up my life too hahah

    when i started smoking last year i had stopped going to school i couldnt find motivation to do ANYTHING i was in such a dark hollow fucking place, man. i fucking dropped out of highschool & i only had a few months to go.
    i started smoking and i was able, for the first time, to step outside of myself and realize what was happening to me.
    I had been on a klonopin for the past 4 years, i realized it was the longterm use of that drug that had pulled me into the depression i was in. i cut my dosage in half, i'm still struggling to get off the drug but my life has never been better than now. I'm so much more grateful for life and everyone and everything around me.:hippie:
    I've made new friends, I actually have fun with people now instead of hiding from the world. I'm able to control my anxiety and I CHOSE to rise above my negative feelings.
    I smoke every day now and although myself and my family (and the fucking world around me) has fallen on HARDHARDBAD times, I know that everythings gonna get better, I don't let it get me down. I just smoke a joint & i'm reminded of the beauty of life, I cant let myself fall into depression agan, i'm just too lucky to be alive! its alllllll good.:smoke:

  15. it made me high
  16. weed can be used as a tool to improve a persns mood, as long as it is thought of as a tool on a path to a better place
    it can also be used like ppl use heroin, or crack, or xbox, or tv. they rely on it, make it their life, and it drags them down.
    it depends on the person and where they are in their life.
    had i used weed when i was 13 i wouldve been a loser,but i used it when i was 18, and it was much better.

    it just depends,you shouldnt -rep him just for expressing his personal experience. it is not just a recreational drug, it is spiritual and positive for some ppl. you need to recognize that everyone has a different point of view. not just yours.
    i think you need to smoke and let yorself be more open minded to other peoples feelings.

  17. It helped AND hurt my clinical depression...

    ...because its such a powerful tool for personal realization.

    How did it hurt? It opened my eyes to all the bullshit, lies, corruption and self-absorption of the world. There is NO meaning to our daily lives.

    How did it help? It made me realize thats the way the cookie crumbles- and that theres only 1 option- realization and acceptance.
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    MJ is a medicine that can be used to treat all sorts of illness's and restore homeostasis to the human body. IMO it is a miracle plant and if people find that using it helps them feel happier and all around healthier than let them. It is not just some "drug", its a natural herb put on this planet by god to benefit humanity and it should be treated as such.

    but to each their own i guess....
  19. you.. :(

    It may be a recreational drug to you, but it's medical to others. Just cause you disagree with his personal opinion, - rep.
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    I kind of agree with him and see where he's coming from, one might conclude using ANY substance to mute or try and forget their problems without fixing them would be detrimental, however this is off-set by the beneficial nature the plant has on ones psyche, and lack of long term health effects, therefore the initial point becomes mute. If you're using it to get any buzz, its recreational.

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