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Discussion in 'General' started by Rahzizzle, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. So I was switching CD's in my car yesterday when i heard on the radio "50% off all bongs glass pipes and vaporizers at disfunktion (a headshop by me). This is the 4/20 sale going on all day today and tomorrow. Why get ripped off this 4/20 when you can get RIPPED."

    And it went on and on for about a minute it was prolly the tightest ads ive ever heard/seen because i would have thought that ad would not have been allowed on the radio, but i heard it

    Hooray for weed ads im prolly gonna go buy a $200 bong for $100 today
  2. yeah i hear one for some bongshop around here too.

    I never catch the name though. either that or i cant remember it.

    both are likely.
  3. Thats dope.
  4. tahts awesome! but there is NO way they said bong
  5. Nice, man!

    Post pics if you get 'er! :)
  6. haha fucking nice

    where you at?
  7. Last year, some radio station(wild 98.7 i think) was talking about the 4/20 party they were havin. And then went on about free blunts/papers and a whole bunch of shit.
  8. milwaukee, wisconsin

    and yea UCF they definitely said bong, glass pipe and vaporiser
  9. thats bullshit! man fuck florida law then. in seminole count... or was it orange... anyway, they had undercover cops come in and say bong and if they didnt get kicked out they made the shop shut down cuz that means they sell MJ praphenlia. all but like 1 or 2 shut down. fuckin dicks
  10. i was walkin around work last night and i heard a radio skit where this guy was acting like a big stoner and calling stores asking aboug 420 and stuff
  11. well I was gonna buy a $200 bong, would have been $100 because of the sale, but I ended up buying a quarter of bud for 4/20 instead.

    But I did end up getting this bong for $15


    its about 2 feet tall, its my first bong tho so I love it
  12. lol 200, 30...not that big of a difference

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