Weed quality in high school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vashi123, May 15, 2007.

  1. I started blazing in college so i wouldn't really know...but my buddy always thinks his quality of weed is better than the shit i get from my dealers and hes only 16 yrs old. so, is the weed typically in high schools always schwag or can the kids get good shit too? im asking this to everyone who remembers their hich school days or are still in em
  2. lol well i never really smoked in high school, but i do know the dealers and saw their buds.... always mids to low grade schwag...always brick weed, never nug (atleast at my high school)

    He is probably just trying to boost his own ego, like most young children try to do
  3. I lived in a semi rich part of Houston when I was in High school, so I got some good dro for $20/gr.
    At my college, I could get it for $25/gr.
  4. I remember my middle school days.........boy did we get some crazy shit.

    by crazy i dont mean good i mean like.....lawn grass and leaves tossed in with the bag.
  5. I always had headies when I was in highschool, people always came to me and shit.
  6. yeah it was schwag 99% of the time, the other 1% was dank. Sounds like a typical high school one up, not saying that you cant get fire in hs, but usually dont have the connections or money for dank at that age (at least around here, bay area peeps prolly dont know what schwag looks like).
  7. Actually I've gotten pretty good herb from like a 14 year old, no joke! lol

    One of the highschools in the tri-town around here is notorious fro drug hookups, so no not all highschoolers get schwag, some get some damn good herb :)

  8. That last bit about here in the bay is all true haha
  9. We would get some of the best, usually beasters or better, the occasional schwag. High schoolers don't usually grow weed themselves cuz they still live at home, so I'd say most weed comes directly or indirectly from older ppl. So bomb weed is more likely to come from the college age group or older since they are more knowledgable and experienced, and more likely to grow or know someone who does. All depends on who ya know.

  10. You just gotta get with some fat stoners man
  11. back in middle school i smoked homegrown. man, in high school i had mad hookups.

  12. I think the question was answered when you mentioned he was 16 years old. He doesn't know shit, he's 16.

    There's basically 3 major catagories of weed. Shwibbity shwag, Mids and Nug. From these exist many subcatagories but it's really a matter of personal preference. Packaging, growing conditions and strain include a few. It's pointless to debate quality within a certain grade of marijuana because it's really going to depend on the strain and how it was grown. The growing process itself has the greatest influence on a plant's potency. Strain sets limits, but it's the way it was grown that determines how good it's going to be and how much money they can charge.

    I guess it comes down to how much money he has to pay for something of a greater quality. If he's merely saying that his shwag is better than your shwag, he's just being typical of his age.
  13. Back when I was in high school, everyone at high school that had weed or sold weed always only had stress. But I had a much older connect outside of high school that had chronic.
  14. Haha yeah if i bought from other high schoolers i got shwag but if i moved up the chain to people that were out of high shool in the college age area i got some good shit.
  15. I haven't smoked weed with seeds in it since 7th grade. 8th grade on I was smoking club grade because my friends older brother was and still is a bigtime marijuana distributer.
  16. we got bomb in high school, nothing else....20/g...guess it just who you kno...
  17. We used to get respectable middies in High school. Though college hit me hard with really dank nugs, much much better than school i must say.
  18. same as now we had stress and bomb, smoked plenty of both until a huge drug bust were they had narcs and shit busted pretty much everyone that had grass

    infact the best herb i ever got in my life and it was constant supply for 5-6 years came from this dude from our cross town rival hs (started goin thru him after the bust)...most of my friends and i either had PT jobs and/or parents gave cash here and there...so $$ wasnt an issue we bought the dank most the time

    well as of a few days ago i cant ever get that bud anymore...the guy who my buddy got it from got set up/robbed/shot and killed and tossed on the side of the road like some fuckin trash...still havent caught the guys...my boy had 3 bowls left from his last pickup so we smoked that shit for the last time dedicated to the weed man we lost...rip
  19. It's the very fact that high school students don't grow their own that gives them a better yield of mids and dank.
  20. The majority of highschool "dealers" are only selling ditchweed, and most of them are the dumbass "potheads" that give the rest of us tokers a bad name.

    However, not all highschool weed is shitty, it all depends on what crowd you hang around. For instance, my connect always has some good stash, in fact just a few days ago i picked up an eighth of sour diesel.


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