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Weed + psychotic break, true story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Horus XCIII, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. So my friend smoked a half-bowl of some mids I gave him. The next day he was calling me saying it was laced. After he smoked it, he apparently had some really frightening/intense hallucinations; at one point he thought he was in Scooby Doo, at another he thought he was a ninja turtle with a mustache. As the trip progressed he said he felt like he was living 10,000 lives and was being reincarnated over and over again, and when my other friend who was with him got him home he started screaming "I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF".

    Luckily he was in no state to actually go about the motions of this. At first I thought his drink was laced or something, but then he said it only lasted four hours. Also, according to my friend who was there, his pupils were very dilated, so that points to a drug. The other thing that makes me suspicious it wasn't a drug is the whole "I'm in scooby doo" thing. Reincarnation sounds like shrooms/cid (more like shrooms if you ask me), but thinking your in a cartoon sounds like one of those stupid stories you hear in high school by kids who've really never done a psychedelic and whose entire perception of them are based on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [​IMG]

    He's not mentally a stable guy, so maybe it was a psychotic break of some kind? But I always thought psychotic breaks were more like hearing voices and stuff like that.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what happened? Any psychedelics that would have such a short duration but cause such incredible effects? He was really shaken by the whole thing and I'm worried about him. Also the weed definitely wasn't laced. I had a whole ounce and had been chainsmoking joints all day for quite awhile and never felt anything like that, just a really pleasant giggly sativa high.
  2. Also, this is a copy-pasta of something I wrote on another forum. I really think he was just 'on the verge' and the weed pushed him over. Here's another copy-pasta:

    "I've gotten more info about my friend recently. Like one time he tried to stab my friend with a pair of scissors while he was stoned. It started out as just playing around but then he was really chasing him around slashing everything until the other guy who was there got behind him and took him down.

    I think he has some sort of mental illness. Really nice guy but yeah . . . not the safest dude to hang out with."
  3. how much does your friend usually smoke? my unlce is psychzo(sp?) and my cuz(his son) can do/say some fucked up shit after smoking. if he isn't 'mentally stable' i would say maybe he just had a bad trip to weed? although that is probly only if he as a super low tolerance or something. anyway yea....scary dude.
  4. Don't let him smoke weed, talk to his family/guardians if it comes to that. Most stoners don't want to accept this, but marijuana has been shown to negatively affect mentally unstable individuals and it's simply not safe for him to use it.
  5. Definitely doesn't sound like a psychotic break. When I hear psychotic break I think paranoid delusions and auditory hallucinations, symptoms that correlate with schizophrenia symptoms. Sounds to me he was on something else other than cannabis. Dilated pupils definitely point to some other drug. Schizophrenics and psychotics don't have dilated pupils during their episodes.
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  6. he doesn't smoke much does he? I dont know how many times I've heard of "noobs" thinking there weed was laced.
  7. Yeah but extreme fear dilates your pupils; and like I said, 4 hours doesn't sound right for any hallucinogen I know of.

    He's not new to smoking, but he was never a heavy smoker either. like twice a week to once every couple of weeks for a long time, then he stopped because he was on probation. He definitely had a low tolerance, but come on it was a half-bowl of mids :)
  8. Even OK weed can mess with certain people real bad. I don't feel like getting into it, but aonther poster here got sold some tree. He smoked it with his buddy and his buddy totally tweeked. Wanted to call his mom and shiz, they called me i told him to chill the fuck out, its not laced, he's just high, and to relax for an hour it will go away.
    It did.
    He'll never do it again.
  9. I have mild auditory hallucinations when high sometimes, and sometimes in my fuzzy week after. I think I'm totally sane. It's because I allready have quite an imagination, and weed puts it on overdrive, and you interpret sounds diffrently. If I'm not sane, I've never chased anyone with scisors.

    Sounds like someone coulda slipped him something tho. And depending on his toletance, some dank or lots of mids can sure as hell cause hallucinations and feling like you are in cartoom worlds. Has no one here ever just smoked a quarter an seen shit, like open eye hallucinations, like what people describe as mild LSD, salvia, shrooms, or mesceline experiances? I sure have.

    Also, I don't remember how long it lasted, I slept it off, but once I had some ket on some sketchy weed, I found out after. It was pure hell, and say twice what I had, and I can almost imagine stuff like that happening.

    (edit)Also some people only get as high as everyone else, but for whatever reason they just are more weirded out by it, like the "TEH OMGZ ITS LACED!!!!111one!!!1" kinda stuff, just because they don't know what high is. I'm a lightweight, so I defnitly see how some people could just have to little tolerance to smoke. I take one bong hit to get a nice buzz, on absolute dirt at that. I keep up with everyone, but that's cause I hold it well. I'm like seeing music and tracers and hearing stuff when they finially get past buzzed lol.
  10. Lately when I've been high, I've heard ringing in my head. Anybody ever fucked around with inhalants? Air Duster makes me hear loud beeping. It was sorta like that, just not loud.

    By the way, I'm not saying try inhalants. They kill far too many braincells. Stick with the ganj.
  11. Similar thing also happened to me. I am a midnight toker since 1993. I don't have any psychological problems or whatsoever.
    But at Jul 2011 I have experienced something horrible. I was smoking as usual but this time a different strain. A very powerful haze. (Super Silver Haze). After smoking that strain for like 2 weeks I lost contact with the reality. I understood something was wrong and I immediately stopped using it. But stopping it did not help. I started to see hallucinations. I experienced the same reincarnation stuff that your friend has experienced. I thought even I was talking to god.  I knew it was not true so I asked for help. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and doctors could not explain the situation. They said it might be related to cannabis. They found no psychological disorders and they did not even prescribe any medicine to me.  But I got scared and stopped smoking dope for like 1 year.
    At 2012 I started to use cannabis again but this time I decided not to smoke but make some space cakes occasionally. I had no problems till Jul 2013... At Jul 2013 we made a cake with a similar haze strain.. After I ate it I have experienced similar things. But this time was weaker.... I stopped consuming cannabis now as I am sure cannabis might trigger psychosis.
    Psychosis is a very dangerous experience. You might think that you are talking to god, you might think that you are Jesus etc. 
    So my advice is consume marijuana responsibly. Strong strains and long term usage can give you harm.
  12. If that bitch tried to stab me with scissors I would beat him to death with a cucumber
  13. Not to scare you but look into that man. Ringing can be a sign of brain damage
  14. Sounds like the hazes are fucking with your head, was it a sativa strain? Theyve got a higher thc/cbd ratio and that can fuck with your head pretty bad.

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  15. FACT: If you have a mental illness, and smoke weed, or use psychedelics, you are more likely to develop a mental disorder like schizophrenia or psychosis. Especially if someone in your family has a mental disorder.

    That was, in my opinion, a psychotic break, possibly drug-induced psychosis. I know because I have experienced this while smoking weed. At first, I was able to get high like normal, no weird effects, but then I started smoking a lot more. I thought it was the next stage of reality, I was full on visual hallucinations, that I couldn't control - of something surreal, like not human, didn't exist, at one point, I saw a marijuana leaf, and my whole "being" revolved around that. I don't know for how long. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. This only happend when I was smoking weed. I'll give you a few more examples:

    The first time it happened, I thought my partner and I were going crazy, literally linking arms and spinning around and crashing through doorways - full on visual and auditory hallucinations. I thought someone was going to haul us off to the mental hospital, never to see the light of day. Then I came out of it and my partner was acting like everything was normal, so I asked, have we been doing anything weird?" - no.

    The same time, after I calmed down, a part of my brain shut down and I was struck with aphasia - I could not for the life of me speak English - it came out as unintelligible eg. egg spoon. But, I could speak every other language - I know a few so this was very helpful...

    I believed I was having a stroke, or a TIA - a temporary stroke indictive of having an actual stroke. I still don't know if that is what it was

    What would have helped me.. was to abstain from weed. But I was so addicted that even after all this happened, I continued to smoke that damn plant - I was completely addicted. And I knew, in my heart, one day, I could smoke weed one day.. and my psychosis might not end. A switch, that once turned on, can never be switched off.

    Facts to consider:
    I was younger than 25 - my brain was still developing
    I was on anti depressants at the time.
    I had no previous mental illness to my knowledge
    80% of the stuff I smoked was from the dispensary.
    My friends took the same amount, and were not affected
    It began to happen, even if I smoked a tiny bit of weed

    So if any of this stuff has happened to you or your friend, including
    Hearing other people talking when they're not
    hearing voices in your head
    not being able to speak properly (as in not making sense what so ever, not necessarily just mute)

    I highly recommend going to the hospital or a doctor as soon as you can.
  16. The last reply to this comment has me scared as fuck. I'm not even joking. There have been two occasions where I become overwhelm with dread and start crying and once I was even screaming pleading for my life.

    I'm horrified. The first time this happened I can only explain it as a nightmare while I was awake. I started talking to the person I was on FaceTime with about something and as I kept talking I was overcome with dread. I swear I saw every thing that has ever scared me come rushing at me and I started screaming and crying. I don't know what happened completely but I remember parts. I remember panicking and trying to get back on FaceTime because my phone had died. I NEEDED to or I was going to die is what I felt like. I don't remember anything after that but they told me they thought I was on pcp or some crazy drugs.

    The second time this happened was a few days ago. I was talking to two someone's I know in their car and I once again was overcome with dread. I said I needed to go home and they asked if I was sure and then I just lost it. I remember at one point I told one of them not to leave because in my mind I thought they were going to die. I know at one point they said they could hear my heart pounding and they felt it and it was ready to fall out of my chest. I don't know what happened after except me begging them to take me to my car.

    I'm afraid because after that night I googled some things and I found a vice article that kind of described the feelings I had. I've never done anything like try to hurt anyone or myself but I always feel like myself and other people are going to die.

    I really don't know what to do as this is completely new. I was a very heavy user and never experienced this. Both times this happened were after small dry spells. First time I hadn't smoked for about three weeks. Second time it was a little over a month.

    The only time other than this that I've ever had a negative experience is the first time I ever got really high, it was also my first time dabbing. I overdid it and ended up puking all over a bathroom. Nothing anywhere near as crazy as this.

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