Weed Propaganda

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    What's the most absurd lie about marijuana you've heard from family, teachers, media, government?

    Mine would be that smoking one marijuana cigarette is more harmful to the body than smoking an entire pack of cigarettes...:bongin:

  2. Fixed.
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    my friend told me weed would make me violent like alcohol and all that, i swear he's so stupid i just want to stab him..
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    My friend pissed me off to no end and then when I got mad at him he said that weed made me angry and crazy.
    This is actually basically true for me.
  5. my aunt said that marijuana causes testicular cancer
  6. I was always told that a chupacabra would attack me and suck out all my blood. Man was I pissed when I found out the truth.

  7. Oh the irony, THE IRONY!!!!!
  8. Well that's partially true, the smoke will increase your chance of cancer a bit.
    Maybe only lung cancer though.
  9. The most bullshit propaganda i hear is from actual smokers themselves: Pot's better than any other drug, becuase you can't overdose on it :rolleyes:

    Then to back up thier claims, they redefine Overdose, so that it has the same meaning as lethal dose, instead of simply a dose that is higher than a theraputic one.

  10. Cannabis kills cancer cells.

    In my 10th grade health class, the teacher said something just like a joint being more harmful than cigarettes, and then went into some math where he said, "So, if smoking one cigarette takes a year off your life, and there are 20 cigarettes to a pack, smoking a joint takes 20+ years off of your lifespan.
  11. The 20 years off your life, too good.

  12. yeah I suppose it could start in the lungs and move to other parts of your body
  13. Pot kills brain cells thats the one I hate
  14. drugs are bad, mm'kay
  15. That weed turns you into a vegetable. That sort of shit fucks me off completely.
  16. Weed kills braincells/makes you dumb. Like 6 girls I know tell me that (most of them say it like this "You're pretty cool even if you do smoke weed") shit almost once a week.

    (Those words actually happened in the same form friday, and she dates my friend that smokes but she told him this "You can't smoke before you see me or around me" so basically he can't smoke. We've all heard that rule before)
  17. I remember back in middle school (junior high school) we had a program called "positive alternatives" where every week 2 "public safety" officers would "educate" us on how bad drugs were for you. I distinctly remember them saying that 1 out of every 3 people were highly allergic to marijuana and would die, yes DIE, the first time they tried it. Man I wish I could go back in time and spit some knowledge.

  18. So true man.
  19. The Gateway Drug Theroy What about alcohol? most kids start off drinking that but nope weed is what starts you off on the bad path :rolleyes:

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