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  1. In my intro to mass communications class the other day we were talking about rules that were layed down and later destroyed because they were sooooo stupid. I thought the law prohibiting marijuana, but didnt want to speak upMy ideas were crazy.Im thinking the government has just wanted us to smoke weed. You see signs like "pot mayk yu stoopid" in high school libraries; ive never seen "meth makes you stooopid" because thats a fucking given.After that i started thinking everyone knows the dangers of hard drugs that have indefinitely been proven, so we dont fuck with them.While having mass media portraying marijuana use in songs from lil wayneand fucking everyone else it must not be that bad,theyre successful.The signs are here to say weed is bad, not meth; something thats proven and known.The signs make some want to try it more because its "wrong", and looked down upon so its cool amongst rebels. If these signs weren't here the dipshits wouldnt be predisposed and brainwashed if you will to want marijuana to be different and stick out. Ive never heard of anyone doing meth to stick out.In conclusion i feel the gov knows meth is bad and its widely know for being so fucking dangerous; this they know and dont have to prove to kids.They dont know that marijuana isnt bad, so i feel this scared them into protesting marijuana even further, pushing the sweet joints to our lips.If these signs were never there we'd believe all drugs are bad in the exact same ways, and never try marijuana in the first place; like how most of us will never try meth.I hope this made sense to someone :)
  2. No one :c?

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  3. Your passage is a little incoherent. Try paragraphs. Theres always been propaganda for both sides. When you have anything that becomes law you instantly split sides. 
    Its a battle that is literally just about older then anyone is alive at least in the US. 
  4. Lil Wayne is an idiot though
  5. actually unless you overdo it meth will improve your ability with pretty much everything including thought processing, like any stimulant.

    the point is not everybody knows what theyre talking about but still feel the need to voice their opinion.
  6. Yeah but I think it deals with the idea that weed is a gateway drug...also the gov realizes kids growing up are much more likely to get their hands on grass instead of meth,coke,etc.
  7. I saw something on msn.com the other day about car fatalities and weed, and how in like 10 years or something it will surpass alcohol related fatality crashes... now thats real propaganda
  8. I tried semi paragraphs lol, never seen a semicolon here before.
    I just feel like its a faulty law by contradicting popular demand and use, especially through media portrayals, making it exciteaable to some. These who find it exciteable are probably the statistics of persons who go on to harder drugs, being the statistic everyone recognizes and enforces first. We should understand all drugs are bad, but most righteous of this generation defend it's true quality. With the new teens who know it isnt harmful, and the government's signs, it's becoming more widespread than ever and actually stimulating economies. I feel if they never brainwashed us to believe of all substances, this has to be forced onto you even in school campaign to kids at early ages in elementary; their most rebellious and character building time periods. What if they never brought it up?
    I loved seeing a youtube video showing slight to very experience stoners actually manipulating thier vehicles at greater levels of accuracy and precision.

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  9. no doubt. in ten years there may be a lot more stoned people driving....buy ive never actually see anybody's driving ability impaired by weed.

    and i feel like most people who are actually too high to drive wont unless there isnt a choice. usually they'd be too couchlocked to find the keys
  10. Yeah I feel very confident driving completely ripped up, but im a daily toker, but also because theres no test and I can get pulled over whatever and Id be just fine. But now if i was in a legal state, I would probably not drive baked nearly as often since I can actually get in trouble....I think Im not sure if there is some kind of test in place or not

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