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  1. Hey guys. So I usually buy a gram or two at a time, and since my friends and I have found it tedious to go out of our way to get small sacks, we're deciding to start buying bigger sacks. I was thinking an 1/8, and even a 1/4. So I'm wondering what a 1/4 of weed costs? I've heard from a friend that this dealer usually overcharges for anything above a gram, but I will admit, it's pretty good weed. He has a medical and gets it through a dispensary and then just re-sells it and triples his profit. Quite a business right? Well anyway, I need a 1/4 soon since my ROOR is just coming in. You guys are the geniuses. Enlighten me with your knowledge. price for 1/8? price for 1/4?
  2. anywhere from $50-$100 personally I get em' for $60 for 7.5g but it depends where you are don't pay more then 90 imo.
  3. Yeah if I get it this weekend but don't smoke it all until mid-late january, that wouldn't affect its potency right?

  4. ???dispensaries charge on par or more than street prices.
    If he is charging triple. you are paying way to much.
    1/4 of dank should cost around 60$ but that is where I am from. there are websites like THCfinder that will let you see medical disp in your state view their suggested donation price pay anything more than that and you are getting ripped.
  5. Well, like I said, he is known to skimp on larger sacks, hence making his profit. That's why I posted this thread, to see what a reasonable amount would be so that when I ask him to weigh it on the scale, it's what I'm paying for. But as far as dispensary prices go, you're right, it's pretty much on par with street prices.
  6. I pay $100 for a 1/4, but it's also medical and in Texas so obviously no dispensaries, we get it from Colorado. So factor in the drive you should be paying less than $100 no matter what.
  7. Yeah I thought so. I guess $85 is pretty reasonable then.
  8. Where are you located?

    Weed prices can vary a lot depending on your location.

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