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weed prices in uk?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jetlife92, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. How much do you guys pay for your weed when you buy in bulk?

    im talking mids, i'm going halves with a mate on an oz and i don't wanna spend more than 100 maybe 110 if it's really dank
  2. I couldn't get an O of mids for less than 240
  3. really? where are you from?

    i would appreciate if bros from east mids posted what they pay
  4. What, 200 an oz should be the most, if they are asking for more tell them to fuck off, even if its good bud...

    think of it as this, £10 is 0.8-1.2 and a half is generally 80-120 Although this is london/essex prices
  5. £10 per gram is about right for a middle man.
  6. Remember though, there are alot off sellers who no knowledge of bulk pricing to their customers and are too greedy, or they are the idiots who pay £70-80 for a 1/4 and try and sell 0.7s to their customers
  7. i'm from east anglia and i can get a half for 110 of dank, at mates grower rates of course
  8. It's standard pricing in most of the UK now.
  9. £50/60 for a quarter, £100 for a half. From around the Bristol area.
  10. People used to be decent here in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Used to be 1.4 for a ten 2.8 for an 8th £120 for an ounce... Now its a gram per £10 but ounces are from £150 - £200.

    But if you go to say Sheffield.. Your gonna get ripped off.

    So I decided to grow my own for obvious reasons.
  11. West mids and oz goes for 170-180 for some stinking cheese.
  12. growing my own won't be an option...maybe when i get my own place. But even then i don't think it would be worth the risks. But to be fair i don't even know what the risks are

  13. do you reckon prices would be similar in eat midlands?
  14. Specifically where?
  15. #15 Four20J4K3, Dec 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2012
    Im paying 180 an o of bone dry K2 ;) West mids is birmingham for the cheap stinkin cheese. Nottingham is good for east mids, but dont deal with the chavs, I know a few older generation in notts who are fair other than that northof birmingham the prices raises. Between Birms and Stoke your looking between 170-240 Macclesfield you can sell an o for 250. As of anything, its not what you know its who you know ;)
  16. nottingham mainly

    maybe even derby/leicester
  17. Derby aint so hot, My sister is at uni in lecs said the weed aint all that, nots is the best place for east mids hands down.
  18. Cool I don't have any one up in notts. Peterborough is paying 250s on a z. Cambridge is about the same and Northampton have got more then enough so its about 200.
  19. Sticky icky Dank 1.7g = £20
    High mids, low dank 1g = £10, 2g = £20 (8th)

    2 eighths (2x 2g) for £30
    3 eighths for £50
    Etc, can't remember bigger
  20. Oh yeah and southwest england, dorset

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