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Weed prices in New York

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Mikeyj831, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Do these prices sound right to you? 1g in a dub and 60 for a 1/8th... I've talked to a lot of my friends that have been smoking for a long time and they all say that is a usual price, but I'm always hearing here and other places that those are high.

    Is this an average price in New York?
  2. That's about right, i usually see eights going for 55 though, but still that sounds reasonable to me.
  3. yup. i'm getting an eighth of some Cali Kush tomorrow for $55.

    happy smoking :smoke:
  4. yea thats normal prices for NY
  5. prob not even gonna get a full gram in a dub if its some fire
    especially the first time buying from a source
    but other than that yes that sounds right (assuming your talking about dank)
  6. Eighths are $60 max, I usually pay $50.

    Super shwag = $5/gram
    Mids = $10/gram
    No name dank/fire = $15/gram
    Super good shit/AK/hash = $20/gram
  7. your sig goes great with that reply.

  8. jesus christ
  9. Yeah but I get my 8ths for 50
  10. But I get and give 8ths for $45 some good dank straight outta cali
  11. 20/g 60/8th is your price for most of the east coast... if you know the right people you can get hooked up for cheap though
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    Was literally thinking the exact same thing. o.o


    EDIT: Couldn't imagine paying that much, but you are in NY so..Understandable. I pay 50/quarter for high grade. 180 is the typical hookup for an Oz, but it's easy to find a better price
  13. New York...

    where everything costs more than it should.
  14. 50-8th of fire
  15. Someone is getting ripped off. Just come to the other side of the GWB and you can find $4000/lb or less for some fire.
  16. can anyone point me in the right direction to score some grade on the upper east side ?
  17. Of course most everything costs more, it's the Big Apple, the greatest city in the entire world.  
  18. Get a map and a good pair of shoes.
    Hopefully that is the answer you're looking for because you can't ask for a hook up. :smoke:

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