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Weed prices in Colorado?

Discussion in 'General' started by Toosick, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Specifically in Boulder where I'll be going to college. How much is:

    A gram
    A cut (1/8)
    An oz

  2. I doubt the prices in the springs are that different then boulder.

    but with a decent hook up
    A gram
    A cut (1/8)
    An oz

    with a shitty hook up add 5-15 bucks to all these prices depends on how much they are trying to make.

    most these days cant make a dime selling as its everywhere.
  3. Man, nobody is wholesaling high-grade, indoor elbow's for 2500.

    That's just dumb. You'd barely make your money back in electricity.

    Some mediocre outdoor from Norcal, maybe.

  4. true, but some people sit on pounds for months and cant get rid of it.

    i just helped a buddy get rid of his pound in ounces for like 2800
  5. Indoor? Was it good.

    That's depressing to hear bro.
  6. im going to be moving to boulder in the fall too and was wondering the same , are psychedelics pretty easy to score?
    colorado is pretty much known for having a lot of good acid
  7. *cough* lots of acid here *cough*

  8. yes. yes.... yes.

    as far as prices.. pigpen is about right.
  9. ^^ that guy from the springs was getting some supper low prices and in my experience that means low quality..

    here a and maybe where you live cuz our prices just dropped i herd it happend in the county next to us but im not sure about a city like boulder...

    any way i get my dank from the store and the follow street prices to a T even tho they get the dankest

    g 12-15

    half eight 20 it just dropped from 25

    eighth 40 just dropped from 50

    a zip 250 sale bud from the store still pretty good youll be looking at 300 to 320

    a p if you find one for 34-35 and its dank thats a great price.. down in the city it might be more it might be less but im sure normal asking price is around 38 to 4100.. i get mine from the store for 200 an ounce when i get
    a qp or more... so i dont fuck with that street shit any more.. been robbed
    one to many times

  10. wrong.

  11. lol how am i wrong thats what i pay i live here thats what the prices are in denver and foco... there is a lot of shitty weed out there and it costs less and in my eperience you get prices like that only if your friends with a grower or its less quality.. there is a tone of dope out here and its almost inpossible to sell but the good weed is still going to have a price the reflects its quality
  12. i happen to be legal in colorado springs and get the best weed you could find.

    from experienced growers who realize that weed isnt all about money.

    and in the grower community here its not hard to find a zip of dank popcorn nugs for like 150 bucks.

    or the best strain you could name for 250 a zip max.
  13. medical marijuana pisses me the fuck off.

    well, not really all of it(like people with cancer, and such), but for those with "pain," or whatever.

  14. you mad bro?
  15. yes. I want a vw type 3.

  16. Wait..people in pain shouldn't be able to smoke to get rid of that pain?
  17. hes just jelouse we smoke danker weed..

  18. I honestly want less dank weed in Oregon. supply and demand, man. an old mercedes, a bmw 2002, or a vw bus would've been cool, too.
  19. Boulder is the weed capital of Colorado, but that doesn't mean people aren't pricks

    Expect to pay full price, but the weed will (generally) be higher quality

    Gram - 20
    1/8th - 60
    Quarter - 120
    Half - 200
    Ounce - 360
  20. I personally live in the Springs and I get $10 gs from 3 separate dealers

    But that's because I have hook ups

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