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Weed Prices: How high would it need to be for you go without?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by burro bombting, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Imagine if every dealer was charging outrageously high prices then fixed the price. I hate ripoffs and go out of my way to not support them. I would never pay more than $40 for an 8th. Not even in NY.
  2. Pfft. I don't pay for weed anymore.

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  3. I started with top notch in my area before legalization. At 40 an 8th and 200 a oz it was good. Moving to another city and befriending a grower I got top notch for 35 an 8th and 160 an oz. but honestly I have no issue walking into a dispo and dropping 37.50 on 3g of 27-28% shit
  4. Couldn't really say, doesn't take me much to get stoned but anything higher then what I pay now would make me think twice. If prices went up then I would likely just start growing and hopefully be decent after a few years.

    Don't see prices rising anytime soon.
  5. I pay
    $40 1/8th
    $80 1/4
    $160 1/2
    $280 OZ
    Of prices went up I'd stop all together
  6. 200 for oz and not a penny more.
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  7. It got way too expensive for me to be willing to pay for it years ago and I didn't smoke for years because I couldn't find good quality weed and when I did, the price they were asking was ridiculous. I finally got tired of it and just started growing my own. It took me a while and it was a huge investment, but after about a year, I had made my money back and had produced profit...and killer good smoke. I realize I'm lucky because I live in a killer good location and our circumstances allow for it right now. You never know what's around the corner and things may change in the future, so I'm growing like a wild woman while I can. LOL
  8. I would pay and have paid some pretty fucking ridiculous prices. Sometimes is sucks here in the mid-west. Sometimes not though.
  9. Damn you people have it made haha, I pay $350 an O on the regular for good bud but I have no clue what strain in is...Jersey does not have the best prices, and I know there are some people here with good connects that get it cheaper but for the last 6 years the cheapest I paid for an O of some Dank is $325. Can't wait to move elsewhere.
  10. $5/g is what I would like to pay.

    Anything over $7/g or $200/oz and that's too much for my liking. I'm from BC
  11. I currently pay
    $30/ 1/8
    $50-60/ 1/4
    $230/ oz

    What the highest I would pay is:
    $40/ 1/8
    $70 1/4
    $280/ oz

    The amount I wish I could pay:
    $0/ 1/8, etc.
    I live in California so prices are pretty good.

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  12. I only buy 20$ worth, lasts me one month. I don't smoke a lot so it's all good.

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  13. It really depends on the bud. For some grade A dank out here in Cali dispensaries it runs anywhere from $40-$55 for an eighth. I wouldn't ever go $55 for an eighth.

    Unless it's moon rocks... That's another story.
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  14. If it was the best shit I've ever seen I might pay $200 for an oz, but I haven't seen anything better than what I grow in a long time.
  15. The value of the USD isn't inflexible as price markets can display based on location specific restraints. That being said in all fairness I used to pay up to $65 an eighth when I first discovered dispensaries, then quickly educated myself via weedmaps and will never pay over $35 an eighth again. Ever.
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  16. $100 an eighth and I'll go without. Anything less and I'm keeping some for myself.
  17. Hmm It depends on quality. I have a med card and ive been too clubs where there's $20 eighths of fire. And a grower that only sold his strain to that specific clubs charged $25 a gram. So depends on quality and the amount of money in my pocket
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  18. Rec stores in Vancouver sell less than $10/g. Depending on the grower you can get henrys for $15-20 that are over 20%. That's about as high as I'm willing to go. Occasionally I'll pay more for a particular strain or overly high %, but that's it. If it went over $10/g this would be something I do on Christmas and birthdays :lol:
  19. Over $7/g and I'll stop buying. $5/g is ideal.
  20. Beat these guys at their own game


    its ezy!

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